11 Railway Ave
Wahroonga, Sydney

Pastadelli is well known for its great range of pastas - but in reality it offers much more than this alone.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and for snacks and coffee in between these times - it always seems to have a constant trade of customers going through there doors.

They do a roaring trade in take away - for food and drinks - but there's also plenty of space inside (and a few outside as well).

We were there for brunch and as usual started with a couple of coffee's. They have Campos coffee here - and it's a great drop. We sat at the bench just inside the front door looking outside onto the street and the passers by. It was a great place to people watch mid morning while sipping a good coffee.

Mlady often heads for the healthier options for breakfast or brunch - and today was no exception. She had the honey spiced muesli with cinnamon, poached pears, yoghurt and berries. She was content that the muesli had both yoghurt and milk as side servings for her to add as she pleased. 

Sir uncharacteristically (and possibly almost reluctantly) veered away from the eggs and decided to also go healthier.

He had Gordon's porridge with toasted almonds, baked rhubarb and brown sugar. It was a walk down memory lane for him - back to his childhood and having steaming hot porridge at home on a cold morning.

This version was delicious and perfect with brown sugar.

Pastadelli is a great place to drop by for a meal, a snack or to take some tasty food away. For a place that's not huge they have a really big range of choices. 

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The Laneway Espresso
9A Railway Ave
Wahroonga, Sydney

Once upon a time the food offerings in sleepy suburban Wahroonga were very limited.

These days, it's a whole different story.

One place now doing well is The Laneway.

It's especially busy on a Sunday morning when the brunch set all drag themselves out for their mid morning coffee and first bite of food for the day after a big Saturday night.

It's small, but they've used the space well to create an area that doesn't seem overcrowded.

The coffee is really quite good here - but in this market if it wasn't they probably wouldn't still be here! There were plenty of people dropping by to order their weekend take aways - a good sign that its a good brew. 

Mlady loves her toast and peanut butter for breakfast on weekends.

This soy and linseed toast with a generous mound of peanut butter was just perfect for her and she was a contented Mlady!

Sir decided to have something a little more substantial to start the day.

The choice of eggs either poached, scrambled or fried was just ideal.

He had them poached with a side of fresh mushrooms.
The eggs were perfectly cooked and arrived with flowing yolks. The mushies were great too and there were plenty of them.

The Laneway is small but cute and worth a look.

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The Butcher's Block
15 Redleaf Ave
Wahroonga, Sydney

In quite a short time The Butchers Block has moved from new kid on the block (pun intended - sorry) in Wahroonga to a North Shore institution that people travel quite a long distance to visit.

In fact, they've even had a love child - having opened up The Butcher's Apprentice next door.

If you're wondering - yes this was once a butchers shop once upon a time.

They've certainly kept plenty of the history pf the place very visible too - with a wide range of butcher and meat related devices all over the place.

Coffee - the appeaser of busy people - was the first order while waiting for company to arrive for lunch. It was good too - which helps explain the queue's here on Saturday mornings grabbing a take away fix on the way to sport etc!

Sir was so tempted to have the lobster roll but eventually wavered and went with the pulled pork burger made with slow braised pork, pickled spicy slaw, apple cider mayo, crackling and fries. It was probably the crackling that swayed him - and it turned out to be a great choice too that he loved and devoured eagerly. 

The guests went very differently. One had the peri peri chicken pita that came filled with grilled chicken, garlic aioli, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, coriander, mint and fries. The other had what Sir was contemplating - the lobster roll with whole lobster tail, mayonnaise, pickled cornichons and sweet potato chips.

Both were lovely meals with substantial quantities of good food!

Having now visited The Butcher's Block in beautiful suburbia Wahroonga its easy to see why it's so popular.

The whole place has a relaxed feel to it. It's nicely fitted out and has great flow and space from indoor areas through to a lovely rear outdoor area that's so fashionable on weekends and fine sunny days.

Would we come back - absolutely yes. The food and drinks were very good and it all felt great. 

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Danes Gourmet Coffee
12 Railway Pde
Wahroonga, Sydney

Danes has a very strong reputation for its coffee - as highlighted in its name. In fact people travel here just for the coffee alone.

They do have food as well though, and some tasty options that are well worth trying.

It's a cosy place in a very good location in the main drag at Wahroonga Station. This area has become quite a cafe and food hub.

They have outside seating as well to soak up the weekend sun.

We dropped by for a weekend brunch. Of course drinks are the first thing on anyones mind on a weekend brunch. Mlady was thirsty and wanted juice - and the sign saying freshly squeezed juice had her happy straight away. She had a combination of orange and apple and it was lovely. The coffee's were also really good, as we expected here. Mlady had a soy cappuccino while Sir had a flat white.

Then on to the food. Sir ordered the smashed avocado and tomato on toast with a balsamic drizzle. It was a tasty combo and a surprisingly healthy choice for Sir compared to his normal selections. Mlady had one of her favourites - scrambled eggs on toast. She of course chose the grain bread too. She was impressed with both the taste and the quantity of the meal.

Danes has been around here for quite a while. It's not a big place but it is very popular - especially for its coffee. It can look crowded at times as you order from the counter. Don't be put off though as many are simply ordering take away.

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Cozy Thai
Unit 1/46 Hampden Ave

This restaurant is another one of those hidden gems in suburbia. The restaurant is quite small - or cosy/cozy so it lives up to its name. This is a place you wont just accidentaly drive past - its out of the way. However its worth trying to find! Decor is nice, service impeccable and the food was great.

We started with money bags. Wow. They were a bit different to the usual pastry and style - but crisp, tasty and delicious. They come in a serving of four and each parcel had minced chicken, vegetables, crushed peanuts and a mix of spices. They came with some sweet chilli sauce.
The second entree was the angel prawns. They were really nice - but not quite as good as the money bags. The serving was four marinated king prawns covered with coconut and then deep fried. They came with a sweet sauce - but we probably could have donme with a bit more sauce.
Our first main course was an old favourite - mussaman beef curry. The beef melted in our mouths - it was so tender. The sauce that went with it was just as good. This was a nice dish. It was perfectly cooked and extremely tasty.
Finally we had crispy soft shell crab with chilli, salt and pepper. This was also very tasty. The crab was cooked perfectly and it all tasted so good. They were possibly a bit heavy handed with the salt but it was still a lovely dish.

Cozy Thai is a hidden treasure in the back streets of Wahroonga. Take the trouble to try to find it - you wont be disappointed.

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La Zana Ristorante
48 Hampden Ave

This is a really good restaurant - tasty food, pleasant decor, good service - well worth the trip.

Olive and Fetta Crust - Pizza crust with mozzarella, kalamata olives, fetta & herbs for $9.90. This was a really good combination - wished we'd ordered two of them.

Garlic and Herb Crust - Pizza crust with mozzarella, garlic butter & herbs for $8.90. Tasty stuff here! Melted cheese just starting to brown - the way we like it. Not overpowering flavour - subtle.

Pollo La Zana Fettuccini - Chicken fillets, prosciutto & avocado in a white wine, garlic & cream sauce, topped with fetta for $23.90. Plenty of rich sauce, tender chunks of chicken and plenty of good sized pieces of avocado. I'd have this again!

Vitello Roma Fettuccini - Pan-seared veal pieces, with bacon, garlic, chilli & fresh basil, with napolitana & a dash of cream for $24.90. Another winner.

Grain-fed Eye Fillet - 250g seared grain-fed eye-fillet cooked to your liking, with your choice of: red wine jus - pepper - funghi - dianne - mustard cream sauce for $30.90. The eye fillet was cooked to perfection.
Vitello con Funghi - Pan-seared veal medallions with field mushrooms, garlic, white wine & cream sauce for $27.90.

La Zana is a real find - worth a visit - or in our case a return visit.
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