About Sir and M'lady

Sir and M'lady are a dynamic duo whose love of food, travel and life inspired this blog. Their food adventures alone take them to huge numbers of restaurants in Sydney, across Australia and worldwide. Their travels across Australia and worldwide take them to places that are well worth visiting. Their blog has grown exponentially over time and yet it's still a passion and a hobby for them.

Due to the success of Sir and M'lady they now have several pairs of fellow foodies who write exclusively for their blog. Read about them below: 

Sydney Australia

The Counts are two guys who spend most of their time in the Sydney CBD, Inner City and Eastern Suburbs. They've experienced it all - from casual food and bars through to fine dining and love it all. Their extensive travel brings a wealth of experience. 

Those Dames are a group of gals who approach dining out with a fun filled attitude. They share a love of food, wine and travel. If they're not preparing exotic dishes themselves then they're out eating the creations of someone else.

Viscountess and Viscount are a pair of 20 something city dwellers who live for and love their food and drinks. They are at their happiest when they are eating their way around the CBD, inner city and beyond.

The Two Contessa's are a pair of food loving 20 something ladies that love to eat and love to write about it. They enjoy the city and inner city areas. 

Toronto CANADA

Duke and Duchess are a pair of 20 somethings who have enjoyed eating out their whole lives. They've travelled extensively together and love their food. Toronto Canada is now their playground, especially in the heart of the city.