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Replay Espresso
2A William St
Turramurra, Sydney

Tucked away around the corner from the highway in suburbia Turramurra is the quaint, quirky and somewhat hidden Replay Espresso.

It's cosy but uses its space well and focusses on good coffee, a selection of tasty looking cakes and pastries on display at the counter and a range of hot cooked meals from the menu.

While they do a mean coffee here - and have people queueing for take aways - the green tea is also done well.

It arrived at our table brewing in a beautiful purple cast iron teapot that looked great - and fortunately tasted just as good as well.

Then there's the coffee. It's done well and having tried their brews it's easy to see why its popular.

Hasn't acai become popular lately?

This berry like product from a type of palm tree has a name that half the world struggles to pronounce correctly - including us originally - ah-sigh-he.

Not that this growing popularity is a bad thing as it's good for you and goes well with so many things.

This version was an acai bowl with fig and maple granola in clusters served with sliced banana and shredded coconut.

It was a big, bold, colourful and tasty serving that was extremely filling.

 Apart from the cooked to order meals there is also a good selection of pre-prepared sandwiches, croissants and other bread filled goodies,

On this occasion the choice was a simple ham and cheese toastie.

This was already prepared and just had to be toasted. Nevertheless, it had good fillings and was nice and tasty.

Back to the good-for-you goodies and this selection was gluten free muesli with yoghurt of the day and seasonal fruit. It was another big serving that had plenty of colour and flavour.

It did look spectacular when it arrived at the table with a big dollop of purple yoghurt beside freshly cut pieces of fruit all on top of crispy muesli.This was a feel good dish - you feel good for eating healthy and the tasty is a bonus.
However, if you're looking for that big cooked-to-order breakfast/brunch that you've earned after a week of moderation - um - whoever this may hypothetically apply to - then there are plenty of choices here too.

This was crushed avocado, grilled halloumi, roasted tomato and basil pesto on organic sourdough with a soft boiled egg. The egg was a side and you can order more eggs or other sides. It was a hearty brunch and we do love halloumi any time of the day!
Replay Espresso is secluded but worth finding.
Venture inside - you have to anyway as you need to order at the counter - and check out whats there before you choose.

If you like good coffee they will keep you happy too. 

There are a few outside seats too if you want to people watch - but you can also do this from inside at the counter looking out onto the street. 

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The Missing Piece
Macquarie Centre
197 Herring Rd
North Ryde, Sydney

We spied The Missing Piece at Macquarie Centre and it looked impressive with its selection of cookies, scrolls and cronuts.

We'd heard good things about this place and so we decided to grab a few bits and pieces to take away.

There was a good selection of cronuts and cakes but the scrolls took centre stage and stole the show here.

Mlady chose a Nutella and banana scroll

The scrolls were simply amazing - fresh and full of flavour. Mlady loved hers and thoroughly enjoyed devouring every bit of it.

Sir chose (no surprises) a salted caramel scroll.

He's a BIG salted caramel fan and had no qualms of having to eat the salted caramel scroll.

The caramel just oozed out of the spiralled layers of the scroll as he bit into - nice!

It was such a good way to have a sweet hit.

We also decided to grab a cookie as well - especially as it was billed as "Worlds Best Muesli Cookie" - we're suckers for a pitch like that!

The cookie really tasted like a good cookie should and held together very well when you broke pieces off.

It was fresh and you could taste the lovely oats and the sultanas sweetened this very yummy cookie.

The Missing Piece certainly doesn't seem to be missing out on willing and loyal customers. There was a queue when we went past earlier! They seem to handle it well though, and their selection of drinks and food had everyone there happy. We'll have to drop back some time and stay to try more of their things. 

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18-20 York St
Sydney CBD

Lot.1 is a new kid on the block that oozes casual style and a relaxed chic atmosphere.

They've done a great job with this place with sweeping curved pale timber features offset against darker timber flooring and original heritage stone brickwork walls. It has an old world charm blended with modern touches.

This is going to be a big venture when it's finished. For now, they've opened up the first area - called the Espresso Bar. It does of course serve coffee - inside and through a servery opening onto the street. They do much more than this though. They serve food during the day from breakfast through to dinner and run a well stocked bar too.

We were there to try their lunches which have a distinct Italian influence

It was drinks first though so we of course ordered. Count N grabbed an aperol spritz while Sir had his usual glass of red from their healthy wine list. We heard that the list for the restaurant thy are opening next door will be even more impressive. 

The first dish to arrive was awash with vibrant red, green, yellow and white colours.

While we sadly can't remember exactly what this was - we vaguely think it was either toasted thin bread or else an omelette.

We do remember finishing it all though.

The panzanella caprese salad was another winner.

This humble staple of World War 1 and 2 Italy uses big chunks of tomato, cucumber, olives, basil, torn buffalo mozzarella and of course hunks of toasted bread. It's then all drizzled in olive oil .

It was such a beautiful dish.
We then moved on to the most delicious polenta chips. These babies were absolutely amazing.

They arrived hot and beautifully golden and crisp on the outside yet soft and delicate inside. We picked up a hint of some kind of light dusting on them - and whatever it was (if there) it was delicious.

As were were in a healthy-ish mood it was time to try some of their salads - which all sounded very interesting.

This one had wedges of baked butternut pumpkin on a bed of chickpea's mixed with cauliflower florettes and sunflower seeds. It was a full flavoured dish that could be a meal in it's own right.

Pasta is of course one of the main staples of Italian cuisine. Here they had another simple winner done so well. It was pasta with tomato, basil and a hint of chilli. We added some freshly grated Parmesan. This was simply delicious.

It's great to see simple dishes with good ingredients prepared so well being served up.

A side of coleslaw added some zest to the meal and again it was simple and done well - it's clearly a theme here.

The coleslaw had an olive oil based dressing rather than a mayonnaise and it kept the colours vibrant and tasted great too.

Dessert is a must do here. There's a range of goodies on the counter that simply explode with eye-catching colours. It's almost impossible to miss or resist. We had a lovely platter prepared which had three treats - a deliciously moist orange poppyseed cake that had artwork icing topped with fresh fruit and a chocolate shard, some tasty white chocolate rocky road and a great cream and strawberry topped muffin. All were delicious!

We finished with coffee - something they also pride themselves on here. We have to admit it would certainly be worth coming here even for just a coffee. However, you have to try their food - it's so good - and in such a really great environment!

Sir and Count N dined as guests of Lot.1. Special thanks to Michael Bradley, the Manager there, for looking after us so professionally - and nicely. Big thanks also to Lara Fraser for inviting us.

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Bees Knees Vintage Cafe
14 Coronation St
Hornsby, Sydney

This place is like stepping back in time almost. It has a 1970's retro feel to it - making you think that you're on set for That 70's Show. Kelso will walk out any second and so will Red.

It's quaint, cute and memorable here. They also have an all day breakfast menu too. Most of their seating is indoors, but that's where all the retro stuff is anyway.

We sat at a round wooden table with a gaudy green and brown beach umbrella sticking out of the middle. It was so 1970's and also so much fun.

It was the middle of the day but we still all headed straight to the breakfast choices - as you invariably do on a weekend.

The three of us studied the blackboard menu and chose our meals. You order at the counter here but it's well signposted so you don't end up just sitting there like an idiot waiting.

Mlady went healthy again and had the big yoghurt with premium granola and berries. It's a combination she's had before and one she likes. The meal arrived in a kitsch bowl that looked like something out of grandma's china cabinet. But deliberately everything here looks like this. It was a good sized serving of berries, yoghurt and crunchy granola. Her coffee, a Pablo and Rusty's soy cap, was very tasty.

 The Duke grabbed his usual, an egg and bacon on a Turkish roll. These come in two sizes here, regular and double, and surprisingly he ordered regular. It was a nice fresh bun and had plenty of filling too. A latte capped off this meal nicely.

The prize for prettiest meal was undoubtedly Sir's. He had the avocado salsa on sourdough. There was the added option of having smoked salmon with this too - which he of course had. This looked amazing and tasted just as good.

The salsa was a lovely mix of avocado, tomato and spices and there was plenty of smoked salmon too.

Bee's Knees Vintage Cafe certainly lives up to its name. Its decor is a step back in time and you can't help ogling all the retro stuff around the walls there and the furniture. An added bonus is that the food is good and so is the coffee!

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Coffee Traders
Top Ryde Shopping Centre
Blaxland Rd, Ryde

Coffee Traders is located at Top Ryde City and has both indoor and outdoor seating for approximately 80. It has an industrial feel with its exposed ceiling and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. There is  a personal touch on the tables as the flowers are from James' (the owner) garden.

All of the lovely cakes are freshly made and there is also gluten free products which includes burger buns. Coffee Traders has a weekend menu too.When we arrived we had not had our all important first coffee of the day so, being a high priority we ordered our usual beverages. Mlady ordered a half strength soy cappuccino and Sir had his skim flat white. We both ordered "large" and we were so happy that we did. The coffee was great!!!! It definitely was an Ahhh moment when we took our first sips.The coffee was Pablo and Rusty's and  arrived in brightly coloured large cups with saucers which added to their appeal. We also have to mention - isn't "coffee art" cute!

Mlady ordered the smoked salmon, chives and cream omelette served with crispy bagel. This was served on a colourful plate enhancing the vibrancy of the omelette. This was a very tasty dish. It was also light and had nicely crisped croutons. The ingredients were fresh and the capers and Spanish onion went so well with the flavoursome, light and fluffy omelette.

Sir chose the spicy beef kofta skewers served on a bed of roasted vegetable cous cous and  also had a serving of crispy lavosh bread with creamy hummus for dipping.

This dish was beautifully presented. It was full of flavour and there certainly was plenty of it. The textures all combined well and it was very tasty, tender and juicy inside.

We were very full after our delicious meals but we really just had to try the Waffles. This consisted of  crispy hot Waffles with fresh fruit, maple syrup and was drizzled with an oh so yummy butterscotch sauce. The waffles were fluffy inside and nicely crisped on the outside. When it arrived it looked so good and tasted even better.

Coffee Traders is a great place with a lovely feel to it. The food and coffee is worth the visit too.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Coffee Traders. We would like to say a special thank you to James for chatting with us. We would also like to thank Helena, their chef, for taking time out from her busy schedule to chat with us and to Sonja for looking after us. Big thanks also to Claire McPherson of CPM Online Marketing for arranging our visit.

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The Refinery
10 Coronation St
Hornsby, Sydney

The Refinery prides itself on your visit being "all about the coffee" but they have more to offer than just a nice brew or two.

It's a small place on the edge of a side street in the old side of Hornsby, and most of its seating is actually outside on the street under market umbrella's.

It's a pleasant spot on a fine day to sit, soak up some filtered rays, sip a coffee and have a bite.

They also have a nice range of sweeter things on display at the counter - including some Oregano Bakery scrolls that looked very tempting.

 A few coffees were ordered straight away. They treat there coffee seriously here, even roasting their own blend. It's popular too so the public must like what they do and how they do it. We certainly liked it too! The Duke and Duchess, who were with us, had house squeezed juices - on this occasion it was orange, carrot and ginger. They really enjoyed these.

On to our brunches and Sir had the Mushroom and Feta.

It was a simple and tasty combination starting with a base of toasted sourdough topped with pesto and a nice mix of mushrooms and feta and a green garnish of rocket.

He also added a poached egg as well as an optional extra.

The Duke somewhat uncharacteristically had Mlady's usual brunch of scrambled eggs.

Of course he had it served on toast and not surprisingly he added a side of bacon with it.

The brightly coloured eggs were not overcooked and still held plenty of moisture in them.

He certainly wasn't disappointed.

The Duchess veered towards the two eggs cooked the way you want. 

She chose poached and selected toasted rye with them.

She also added a side of the avocado salsa. 

She was impressed with the tangy flavours of the salsa which added some kick to her meal.  

For Mlady it's either scrambled eggs or something mega healthy to start the day. On this occasion she veered to the healthy side.  

She's become quite a fan of granola over the years so the combination of mixed berries, granola and yoghurt ticked multiple boxes at once. 

It certainly looked vibrant when it arrived at the table with it's bright almost purple berries contrasting so well with the white yoghurt. 

Underneath lay the granola and this was a good sized start to her day. 

We enjoyed The Refinery. It was a pleasant place that had great coffee and a good range of tasty breakfasts.

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