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Sweetfest 2015

Do you haver a sweet tooth - or two? We do - so we dropped in to Sweetfest 2015 - and we're glad we did. It was understandably busy - cause people love sweet things.

The concept was straight forward. They had stalls there selling their sugary sweet wares, and they had a series of masterclasses from some of the best in the sweet business. Tick and tick!

It was very busy there, both inside at the Masterclasses and outside at the stalls. It was all running so smoothly though. At the stalls, the food was moving quickly so people didn't need to queue, or when they did, not for long at all. It was great food too. 

Inside the masterclasses the crowds were being entertained, educated and impressed by some of the best around. We dropped by the masterclass with Andy Bowden which was being expertly compered by the dynamic Myffy Rigby. The crowd loved it. He was making sort serve desserts - sampled by an impromptu dance-off winner. The big screen up behind them meant everyone in the audience could see what was going on. 

We also had a chat with the next "sweet act", the lively  Alistair Wise who had come all the way from Sweet Envy in North Hobart.

Now we wished we'd been able to stay for his session as we've been to Sweet Envy in North Hobart. We therefore have some sort of connection.

Alistair is a real character - he literally bounces - he's a ball of energy.

His session was "salted caramel, pecan sticky bun and the expanded theory of everything".

In a weird way it summed him up perfectly.

Next to us was a cake made earlier by Katherine Sabbath - adorned with lollypops and dazzling everyone with its bright colours.

It certainly lived up to its name of "Water Coloured lollypop cake".

Katherine was arriving just as we left and this was another missed opportunity for us to hear from a sweet legend.

This was the first year for Sweetfest. It was popular, it had great food available and great demonstrations from some of the best around, all expertly kept together.

We left with plenty of goodies from a number of the tasty stalls there. We'll be back next year!


Shop 4, 162 Military Rd
Neutral Bay, Sydney

After their success in Newtown Mooberry have now expanded north of the bridge to Neutral Bay, and right on Military Road too.

We were there for their media launch party and they certainly went all out.

Many people say they'll roll out the red carpet but here they actually did do this! It was done in style too - sports cars out the front, red carpet, lovely ladies there to greet everyone arriving and of course food, drinks and even live music inside!

We had a few drinks and some nibbles on offer which were all lovely but the highlight was of course the Mooberry froyo itself - this stuff is great and there are heaps of extras you can add.

Mlady was in a coconut mood so she had the coconut froyo with added coconut and maltesers. It ended up being like a great big chilled bounty - lovely!

I had the chocolate froyo and I added a rich combo of oreo's and M & M's - yes I was pigging out big time but hey, we all need to unleash our inner kid!

These froyo's are great with heaps of combinations.

Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar is small but spread over three levels so there's plenty of different spaces to sit and relax and enjoy your treat!

You can end up with some spectacular looking desserts here.

Which way will you choose to go - fruity or rich and sweet?

It's a tough call.

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 Moo Berry
160 King St
Newtown, Sydney

Moo Berry is another tasty addition to the eating precinct that stretches along King Street in Newtown.

It's an ideal addition too because it provides a nice sweet ending if you've eaten at one of the many spicy places nearby. We were there with D, N and Z after indulging nearby.

You basically choose the size of frozen yoghurt you want and the flavour. Then you choose what extras you want. Mlady chose the deliciously fruity pomegranate with an indulgent  sprinkle of flake. I chose the coconut (even though the salted caramel would have been my next choice) and went the whole hog with a sprinkle of flake and also of gaytime crumbs. It was extremely refreshing.

We also got to taste the churos which is one of the new additions to the menu. They tasted quite nice but they were a lot smaller than others we've had. As a result they weren't as fluffy. The chocolate dipping sauce was nice though and they weren't terrible - just not as good as other places.

All in all it's a great place for frozen yoghurts with some extras thrown in!

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Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

This is yet another quaint little shop in Melbourne's CBD - this time preparing rock candy. You can watch it being made too - they have their main bench area right in the front window of the shop so you can see the work as it progresses. They also make honeycomb here too - but you'll know this by the big "Honeycomb" sign on the front window!

They have a great range of rock candy here. You can buy it in small, medium or large jars and in combinations of three jars for a discounted price - well worth doing (as we did).

I felt like a kid in a candy shop - except I'm not a kid any more! We bought quite a variety here to take with us - and needed all our willpower to stop opening them as soon as we left.

Sadly we didn't try the honeycomb - if it had chocolate on it I probably would have!

The stuff here is great - the decor (lollies from wall to wall) is great and the floor show is interesting to watch too. Well worth seeing, buying and eating!

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