Santorini on Oxford
227 Oxford St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

In the hustle an bustle of Darlinghurst you will find the Greek oasis of Santorini on Oxford. You initially get mesmerised by looking in the window where the grill sits sizzling away.

This is a great eye-catcher where all the wonderful sights and delicious smells are happening, and it is totally mouth-watering to watch. All that lamb, beef and seafood - so nice!

Santorini on Oxford is a very popular place and it would be well worth paying them a visit for a delicious meal during the week when it's a little bit less busy, but weekends are of course very popular.

Sir going with the flavour of the moment had a refreshing Greek lager. Mlady had a cool bottle of sparkling water.

The Greek salad with a massive slab of feta and scattered olives was crisp and fresh. As we are both fans of feta, and of course olives, we really enjoyed this dish.

We also had a selection of house made dips - Tzatziki, Taramasalata and Eggplant. These very tasty starters came with a "metal bucket" of lovely soft warm pita bread.

The Char grilled octopus was something we were always going to have - another Greek staple! It was so tender and had lovely flavours. We do so love seafood - especially Mlady - and she really enjoyed this tasty dish. 

Next we had the Saganaki which is Greek kefalotyri cheese that is golden fried and then flamed with ouzo at the table. This is such a "showy" dish and people will stop and stare when it unfolds! Basically, the grilled cheese is set alight with ouzo - and it was impressive watching the flames. You could taste the subtle flavours of the ouzo how nice is this!

We then had one of the specials - which was lamb back-strap. It was tender with an interesting combination of herbs. There were also mushrooms, capsicum and onion in a light sauce of it's own juices. Warm large cut chips accompanied this in an almost lemon myrtle like dressing - very nice.

A prawn dish was next - the Santorini Prawns - which were plump and juicy! They were served in a lovely tomato and ouzo sauce - with whole kalamata olives as well. Mlady particularly liked this dish.

The dessert was amazing! We had Galaktoboureko. It's a Greek dessert of semolina custard in filo. How good is this! Thoroughly loved this - so yummy - can't say enough about this dessert - and it was such a massive serving too. The ice-cream, that went well with this, was strawberry choc-chip - lovely!

The food at Santorini on Oxford is really very good and the servings are so generous. If you like good Greek food served in a lively and fun atmosphere then head here. It's a busy place, but they can fit plenty of people in, as they have an upstairs areas as well.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Santorini on Oxford. Thanks to owner Dimitris for his hospitality and for looking after us so well. He's a lively guy and the heart and soul of Santorini. Special thanks also to Chrissy Symeonakis of Creative little Soul for this invitation.

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Mediterranean Gourmet Pizza
8/1 Trafalgar Pl
Marsfield, Sydney

We felt like having pasta and pizza and being the day before Australia Day we were fortunate to find a restaurant open on a Monday, as a lot of restaurants are closed on Monday's.

The menu at Mediterranean Gourmet Pizza is extensive and we were spoilt for choice. They are licenced but are also BYO, so we bought with us a nice Cabernet Merlot.

So many choices but as an entree we decided on an old favourite - tempura zucchini flowers. These were filled with spinach and ricotta. OMG they really were lovely. Lightly crisped with an oh so delicate soft and fluffy filling. They arrived sitting on a bed of rocket garnish and drizzled in spirals of balsamic glaze - a perfect match for tempura zucchini flowers. There were three and Mlady made Sir cut the third one in half!

After much deliberation Mlady chose the home made lasagne with salad. This was an impressive dish.

A generous serving of this wonderful pasta was accompanied with a large lettuce leaf in which sat another impressively generous serving of green salad - vibrant tomato which just enhanced the greens, Spanish onion and was dressed lightly with olive oil. This salad went so well with the lasagne.

The mince meat was finely minced and the pasta was nice and tender. The cheese (think it was shaved Parmesan) topped it off nicely.

Sir ordered a pizza - Sicily. This was described on the menu as - Seafood pizza with the lot, prawns scallops, baby octopus, smoked salmon, shallots, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mint and garlic.True to it's description this pizza had a "Wow" factor. It really was full of all those wonderful goodies! Plump juicy prawns and what with everything else this pizza really was impressive.

This pizza would certainly serve 2 people. Sir thought it was a "smorgasbord of seafood" on a pizza.

We had to rest as we both wanted dessert. Sir had the Tiramisu. Mlady just had to have some as well. This was a great Tiramisu! It was ever so light and we both loved it's wonderful soft texture and yummy flavour.Mlady chose gelato. Vanilla and chocolate flavour. After her wonderful meal this dessert finished the meal nicely.

Mediterranean Gourmet pizza is predominately Italian and Greek dishes on the menu. It is casual and is situated in a square type environment surrounded by the usual array of shops and other restaurants. What you will remember about this restaurant is the that food here is really good!

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Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill
5A The Promenade
King St Wharf, Sydney

One of the first things that strikes you at King Street Wharf are the magnificent water views and Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill is in prime position to absorb this.

There is inside and outdoor seating and we were very fortunate to be seated outside to be able to take in their beautiful views.

The weather was glorious which added to the visually appealing landscape of looking out at Darling Harbour and the Maritime museum. 

Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill is a great place to sit and eat and watch the world go by!

We both started with a glass of Stonefish Merlot - which displayed juicy plums with earthy overtones. This was a lovely wine and complimented our meal nicely.

We had a serving of delicious olives which is always a nice appetiser to prepare you for your meal.

Dips are a great favourite of ours so we started with a selection of all three available dips with Pita bread. The three were tzatziki, fava bean with red onion and capers and finally white Taramosalata. Individually they come with sourdough but we swapped in some pita bread with ours instead.

These dips all had wonderful flavours and we thoroughly enjoyed them. Tzatziki is a real crowd pleaser and the fava bean dip with the capers - oh nice! We really love capers, they go so well with so many things.

White Taramosalata is a roe (fish egg) based dip and both being great fish lovers we really enjoyed this smooth and tasty dip.

The pita bread held together well with the dips and was so nice and warm that we just had to order another serving!

Seeing Halloumi on the menu was a "must"as Sir gravitates to this! The Haloumi was served with compressed watermelon and mint. 

The wonderful soft texture of the Halloumi together with the refreshing and vibrant watermelon and mint made for a great combination.

This was an amazing dish!

Next we had lovely Hortokeftedes - which is wild green dumplings, served with fresh herbs and yoghurt.

The dumplings were deep fried and nicely crisped with generous fillings of "wild greens".

We thoroughly enjoyed them as we we constantly dipped them in the ever popular and oh so yummy yoghurt.

Then we moved on to some Spanakopita - a favourite - which is filo pastry filled with spinach, cheese and spicy onion.

This is a popular dish and not just with Sir and Mlady. The generous serving of this amazing filling encased in a wonderfully crispy filo pastry was something we thoroughly enjoyed.

We also decided to try the Kreatopita. This is filo pastry cigars of slow cooked goat with fresh goat curd. How good was this! The goat had been slow cooked for 8-9 hours which made for an incredibly tender and wonderfully tasting dish. Yum Yum!

Both Filo pastry dishes were generously sized and you could see them plump with their "goodies" inside.
Sir had another wine - this time a Greek wine. He chose Lafazanis Agiorgitiko from the region of Nemea. It was a bright ruby colour with aromas of cherry, plum and black pepper. The colour really was beautiful that Mlady just had to have a sip and thought, as did Sir, that this was a really lovely Red!

The service here is great and the food is wonderful! Then there are those views!

Sir and Mlady dined courtesy of Zomato and Georges Mediterranean Bar and Grill. We would also like to thank Efe and Petra for looking after us so well.

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The Phoenix Hotel
1 Moncur St
Woollahra, Sydney

The Phoenix lives up to its name - rising up from the ashes of the previous occupants here who left over a year ago. It is very appropriately described as having "Classic Mediterranean Fare". As you walk in at the front you can see the open kitchen and you can smell the wonderful food being cooked. As we entered, the bar area was to the left and the restaurant to the right past the kitchen.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed with a good vibe. There is an inviting lounge area with a fire which was very cosy with interesting artefact's adorning the wall. The emphasis with the food is Greek tapas which is ideal for social sharing and there are great choices available. The Phoenix can be used for functions and can hold 150 people. If you want to have a function - they can tailor a menu to your requirements.

We began our meal with some very tasty olives. Olives are a favourite with both Sir and Mlady. 

The cocktails are created "in-house" and are quirky - just read their descriptions! Sir had the Strawberry Mojito - "Real men might not eat quiche but they totally gag for strawberry mojitos" - with our own twist of the Australian stolen Rum range and strawberries, this innocent looking cocktail has a sinister side that gives it more street cred than McGyver. It was a clear winner like McGyver too!

Mlady had the Fluffy Phoenix "Boasting a split personality of both sweet and sour, this cocktail brings together the zing of grapefruit juice, passionfruit and charm of liquor 43 with a vanilla aroma. Perfect for a walk on the wild side. Mlady thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail and the vanilla gave it a real Yummo factor.

We then moved on the devour some raw meat - beef carpaccio to be precise.

The presentation of this dish was as pretty as a picture. We both loved this and there was plenty of the very tasty beef.

This also came with a serving of tasty toasted bread as an accompaniment.

Then it was again on to another favourite - the haloumi with fig, ouzo and black pepper.

This was a surprisingly light dish. The fig went very well with the haloumi.

Mlady spread the fig over the haloumi, as intended, and loved the sensation of the two flavours and textures.

The char grilled marinated baby octopus really lived up to its reputation.

Both Sir and Mlady love seafood so choosing this dish was not hard.

This was cooked to perfection and you could really taste the rich wonderful chargrilled flavours in the octopus.

Sir indulged in another cocktail - "I carried a watermelon - when Margarita dirty dances with watermelon, you better look out. Using premium Don Julio Tequila shaken with a hint of wetness and garnished with fresh mint, this mouth watering cocktail will put the Patrick in Swayse".

On to the keftedes with paprika passata. This was ever so tasty.

It was beautifully cooked meatballs that were fluffy and the sauce was rich and full.

This tasty and tangy dish came with a serving of bread which is an absolute necessity to soak and scoop up the delicious sauce.

The Saganaki Prawns turned out to be yet another full and rich dish.

These prawns were plump and juicy and again the fact that they came with such a great tasting sauce was the real winner.

Again some toasted bread allowed the sauce to be scooped up!

Finally we had some Greek salad. Mlady loves a great salad and this was really good. The feta cheese was mild and not bitter or overpowering like some. It had tasty juicy olives and a good mix of greens.

Owners of The Phoenix Hotel, Alex and Will, are on a winner here. The food is really tasty, they have great sharing dishes full of flavour and the servings are generous. The food is all beautifully and appetisingly presented. This is a place worth visiting.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Phoenix Hotel. Big thanks to owners Alex and William Cooney as well as Sally Dos Santos for the invitation.

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Zeus Street Greek
187-189 Lyons Rd
Drummoyne, Sydney

Zeus Street Greek is one of many traditional Greek street food places recently opened in Sydney.

We had been meaning to try this place for a while so after doing the bay run one morning we thought we'd pop over to lovely Drummoyne and have a Greek lunch.

Located on Drummoyne's popular Darling street, Zeus has quite a few tables inside and out so it's perfect for a casual lunch or dinner.

Service is quick and efficient. You order and pay at the counter and the lovely staff bring your food to your table.

After running 7 kms we were quite parched so we ordered a sparkling mineral water and and a sour cherry soft drink to quench our thirsts. The sour cherry drink is very popular in Greece. It's really refreshing and not very sour at all, quite the contrary actually.

As you would expect, Zeus has a very extensive range of 'gyros' on offer. There's pork, lamb, chicken and even soft shell crab.

I ordered the uncle Tzimmy pork classic which is the traditional gyros served in Greece, loaded with mouthwatering pieces of seasoned meat, hot chips and of course tzatziki. Count J ordered the Spartan a chicken Gyros with delicious Aegean slaw and parsley. Both were delicious and wrapped in freshly cooked pita bread.

We then tried the 'spanakopita' the traditional spinach and feta pie.

Here at Zeus they cooked it in a spiral way which is quite different to what we're used to.

It was delicious and fresh.

Zeus Street Greek is a great choice.

The food is really fresh and the servings are quite generous.

We'll definitely be back!

The Counts dined at Zeus at their own expense.

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Plateia Where Friends Meet
5/2-14 Bayswater Rd
Potts Point, Sydney

Kings Cross may have lost its Iconic Coca Cola sign for now -another string in the suburbs’ guitar of reinvention - just a few metres down, on the corner of Darlinghurst and Bayswater roads, a new iconic food place has just opened its doors.

'PLATEIA –Where friends meet' is an authentic ‘Gyradiko” which in Greek means Gyros place.

Now, don’t let that fool you into thinking that Gyros is the only thing on offer here.

Like you would expect to find in the backstreets of Athens, 'PLATEIA –where friends meet' also offers traditional Greek souvlaki, spanakopita, authentic sauces like tzatziki and hot chips that will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Count J and I arrived for lunch on a beautiful sunny day and were greeted by head Chef Nico upon arrival. Nico spent most of his life working in kitchens in Athens and other parts of Greece and let me tell you he knows all about meat and how to cook the perfect cut. Plateia –Where friends meet specialises in what Greeks call ‘street food’, so dining space on premises is bit small, but still a few tables inside and out, if you prefer to eat in rather than take away.

We started off with a couple of Gyros, One pork and one lamb. Both were stellar versions of a traditional Gyros you would find in Greece. Loaded with meat that was perfectly seasoned, moist and  had just been carved off the Souvla (Greek word equivalent for rotisserie). The meat was covered in fresh tomato, crispy hot chips and beautiful mild tzatziki  and all wrapped in a mouthwatering warm Greek pita. The end result is something so delicious, you have to try it to believe it.

Another famous Greek dish is the mix grill and here at Plateia –where friends meet – they have a very impressive one. We ordered the mix grill for one and when the plate arrived we were so surprised with the portion size, we thought they'd made a mistake and gave us the mixed grill for two. Apparently not. We can only imagine how big the mixed plate for two is.

This mix grill plate was loaded with huge pieces of mouthwatering chicken and lamb souvlaki. You can choose what type of souvlaki you want on your plate (there is also Pork on offer). The meat on the souvlaki was so juicy and tender it was sliding off the skewer. All this impressive meat was accompanied by delicious hot chips, warm pita bread and paprika flavoured tzatziki.

Greece is also well known for feta cheese and here at Plateia –Where friends meet – they serve it with hot chips. Creamy feta pieces crumbled over crispy hot chips seasoned with oregano and salt -  absolutely delicious! Just a warning this dish is best eaten with a fork to maximise the amount of feta you get with every chip.

We also tried a traditional Greek Frappe, which is pretty much a Greek national Icon. A very refreshing coffee drink, with milk (we chose no sugar) beaten in something like a blender creating a creamy froth. If you haven’t had one before, we definitely recommend you try it.

After all this we were lucky to try one of Chef Nico’s special desserts. A freshly cooked Greek pita bread covered in Nutella, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Ever had a Nutella pizza? Well this is ten times better.  And just quietly folks,  this isn’t on the menu folks but Nico is happy to make on request, so if you want to try it, make sure you ask for it.

'PLATEIA –where friends meet truly is a piece of Greece right in the heart of Kings Cross. With a real relaxed ambiance, good clean food (those souvlaki sticks are a perfect high protein post gym snack) and good service, it’s the perfect choice for your Greek food experience. Opa!

The Counts, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Plateia Where Friends Meet. Special thanks also to Pamela Rogaris for arranging this.

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The Sardine Room
31 Challis Ave
Potts Point, Sydney

The Sardine Room is an intimate place that has a seafood influenced menu, whilst catering for a broader range of tastes as well.

It's been busy doing what it does so well for nearly a decade now too - in fact it's been here 8 and a half years to be precise.

Longevity says something about a restaurant in the tough Sydney market, and the rapidly expanding restaurant hub of Potts Point is no exception.

The Sardine Room is of course a unique name. When owners Rodney and Angela first opened their doors here it clearly wasn't too big and Angela said, we'll need to pack them in like sardines.

The name stuck.

We of course started with some drinks. They have a great range of choices here too. We chose an espresso martini made from vodka, Kahlua, triple sec and of course espresso coffee. It was a big flavoured drink and perfect for the end of a busy week. We also had a much lighter aperol spritzer simply made from aperol, prosecco and soda.

Our first real dish, a starter, was the popcorn prawns. While you could use a fork to eat them, they're really made for eating by hand.

Our lovely waitress Marina said jokingly it gets spoiled if you use the fork.

Everything here is also cooked in Cottonseed oil, so it's very light!

Next a lovely squid ink ravioli arrived made with organic egg yolk wrapped in pasta. Angelo, first chef in the first year of trading created this dish.  The secret is in the poaching (to not overcook the dish). Angelo kept it to 3 ingredients and didn't over complicate things. Then we had amazing scallops on a bed of cauliflower puree topped with beetroot chips and prosciutto! The beetroot chips give it a lift.

Then it was on to some lovely wines - as you'd probably expect from a place like this! We had a nice full Turners Crossing Shiraz and a lovely Pinot from Ballarat.

We've had quite a few moussaka's in our life but not a fish one.

Count N hadn't either, even though he's from Greek stock.

This version consisted of potato, onion, orange raffi and a lovely Bechamel sauce made without flour.

It was all topped with bread crumbs and was totally delicious.

The next dish was a crowd stopper. It was an amazing whole snapper cooked in Thai sauce, soy and honey.

The sauce is a  specialty of the chef. 
He coats the fish in the sauce, f;lours it, lets it sit in the pan then fries it. Whole cooking process is about 30 minutes. It looks spectacular and tastes just as good. 

We then moved on to a dish that was such a simple one but again so very good.

It was grilled haloumi. It looked so lovely with its delightfully golden brown outer layer.

It came with a tasty and tangy basil pesto too that went really well with the salty cheese.

The pannacotta was a work of art. It looked incredible with its crowned dome of toffee lattice. The pannacotta itself was made from rose water and had a lovely taste. It was dotted with pomegranate and tasted great. The crumble dessert came with pear and ice cream. The crumbs resembled the traditional Greek honey biscuit, 'melomakarona'. This was a melt in your mouth experience.

A few quite delicious dessert wines went perfectly with our sweet finale to this lovely meal.

The Sardine Room is intimate but so worth the visit for some great food and drinks. It's fully licensed but also BYO for wine, so it's perfect to bring a favourite that might not be on the wine list. It's open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner.

Sir and Count N dined as guests of The Sardine room. Special thanks to owners Angela and Rodney, and to Marina for looking after us so well. Big thanks also to talented chef Masaki.

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