Replay Espresso
2A William St
Turramurra, Sydney

Tucked away around the corner from the highway in suburbia Turramurra is the quaint, quirky and somewhat hidden Replay Espresso.

It's cosy but uses its space well and focusses on good coffee, a selection of tasty looking cakes and pastries on display at the counter and a range of hot cooked meals from the menu.

While they do a mean coffee here - and have people queueing for take aways - the green tea is also done well.

It arrived at our table brewing in a beautiful purple cast iron teapot that looked great - and fortunately tasted just as good as well.

Then there's the coffee. It's done well and having tried their brews it's easy to see why its popular.

Hasn't acai become popular lately?

This berry like product from a type of palm tree has a name that half the world struggles to pronounce correctly - including us originally - ah-sigh-he.

Not that this growing popularity is a bad thing as it's good for you and goes well with so many things.

This version was an acai bowl with fig and maple granola in clusters served with sliced banana and shredded coconut.

It was a big, bold, colourful and tasty serving that was extremely filling.

 Apart from the cooked to order meals there is also a good selection of pre-prepared sandwiches, croissants and other bread filled goodies,

On this occasion the choice was a simple ham and cheese toastie.

This was already prepared and just had to be toasted. Nevertheless, it had good fillings and was nice and tasty.

Back to the good-for-you goodies and this selection was gluten free muesli with yoghurt of the day and seasonal fruit. It was another big serving that had plenty of colour and flavour.

It did look spectacular when it arrived at the table with a big dollop of purple yoghurt beside freshly cut pieces of fruit all on top of crispy muesli.This was a feel good dish - you feel good for eating healthy and the tasty is a bonus.
However, if you're looking for that big cooked-to-order breakfast/brunch that you've earned after a week of moderation - um - whoever this may hypothetically apply to - then there are plenty of choices here too.

This was crushed avocado, grilled halloumi, roasted tomato and basil pesto on organic sourdough with a soft boiled egg. The egg was a side and you can order more eggs or other sides. It was a hearty brunch and we do love halloumi any time of the day!
Replay Espresso is secluded but worth finding.
Venture inside - you have to anyway as you need to order at the counter - and check out whats there before you choose.

If you like good coffee they will keep you happy too. 

There are a few outside seats too if you want to people watch - but you can also do this from inside at the counter looking out onto the street. 

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