The Missing Piece
Macquarie Centre
197 Herring Rd
North Ryde, Sydney

We spied The Missing Piece at Macquarie Centre and it looked impressive with its selection of cookies, scrolls and cronuts.

We'd heard good things about this place and so we decided to grab a few bits and pieces to take away.

There was a good selection of cronuts and cakes but the scrolls took centre stage and stole the show here.

Mlady chose a Nutella and banana scroll

The scrolls were simply amazing - fresh and full of flavour. Mlady loved hers and thoroughly enjoyed devouring every bit of it.

Sir chose (no surprises) a salted caramel scroll.

He's a BIG salted caramel fan and had no qualms of having to eat the salted caramel scroll.

The caramel just oozed out of the spiralled layers of the scroll as he bit into - nice!

It was such a good way to have a sweet hit.

We also decided to grab a cookie as well - especially as it was billed as "Worlds Best Muesli Cookie" - we're suckers for a pitch like that!

The cookie really tasted like a good cookie should and held together very well when you broke pieces off.

It was fresh and you could taste the lovely oats and the sultanas sweetened this very yummy cookie.

The Missing Piece certainly doesn't seem to be missing out on willing and loyal customers. There was a queue when we went past earlier! They seem to handle it well though, and their selection of drinks and food had everyone there happy. We'll have to drop back some time and stay to try more of their things. 

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The Refinery
10 Coronation St
Hornsby, Sydney

The Refinery prides itself on your visit being "all about the coffee" but they have more to offer than just a nice brew or two.

It's a small place on the edge of a side street in the old side of Hornsby, and most of its seating is actually outside on the street under market umbrella's.

It's a pleasant spot on a fine day to sit, soak up some filtered rays, sip a coffee and have a bite.

They also have a nice range of sweeter things on display at the counter - including some Oregano Bakery scrolls that looked very tempting.

 A few coffees were ordered straight away. They treat there coffee seriously here, even roasting their own blend. It's popular too so the public must like what they do and how they do it. We certainly liked it too! The Duke and Duchess, who were with us, had house squeezed juices - on this occasion it was orange, carrot and ginger. They really enjoyed these.

On to our brunches and Sir had the Mushroom and Feta.

It was a simple and tasty combination starting with a base of toasted sourdough topped with pesto and a nice mix of mushrooms and feta and a green garnish of rocket.

He also added a poached egg as well as an optional extra.

The Duke somewhat uncharacteristically had Mlady's usual brunch of scrambled eggs.

Of course he had it served on toast and not surprisingly he added a side of bacon with it.

The brightly coloured eggs were not overcooked and still held plenty of moisture in them.

He certainly wasn't disappointed.

The Duchess veered towards the two eggs cooked the way you want. 

She chose poached and selected toasted rye with them.

She also added a side of the avocado salsa. 

She was impressed with the tangy flavours of the salsa which added some kick to her meal.  

For Mlady it's either scrambled eggs or something mega healthy to start the day. On this occasion she veered to the healthy side.  

She's become quite a fan of granola over the years so the combination of mixed berries, granola and yoghurt ticked multiple boxes at once. 

It certainly looked vibrant when it arrived at the table with it's bright almost purple berries contrasting so well with the white yoghurt. 

Underneath lay the granola and this was a good sized start to her day. 

We enjoyed The Refinery. It was a pleasant place that had great coffee and a good range of tasty breakfasts.

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Sweetfest 2015

Do you haver a sweet tooth - or two? We do - so we dropped in to Sweetfest 2015 - and we're glad we did. It was understandably busy - cause people love sweet things.

The concept was straight forward. They had stalls there selling their sugary sweet wares, and they had a series of masterclasses from some of the best in the sweet business. Tick and tick!

It was very busy there, both inside at the Masterclasses and outside at the stalls. It was all running so smoothly though. At the stalls, the food was moving quickly so people didn't need to queue, or when they did, not for long at all. It was great food too. 

Inside the masterclasses the crowds were being entertained, educated and impressed by some of the best around. We dropped by the masterclass with Andy Bowden which was being expertly compered by the dynamic Myffy Rigby. The crowd loved it. He was making sort serve desserts - sampled by an impromptu dance-off winner. The big screen up behind them meant everyone in the audience could see what was going on. 

We also had a chat with the next "sweet act", the lively  Alistair Wise who had come all the way from Sweet Envy in North Hobart.

Now we wished we'd been able to stay for his session as we've been to Sweet Envy in North Hobart. We therefore have some sort of connection.

Alistair is a real character - he literally bounces - he's a ball of energy.

His session was "salted caramel, pecan sticky bun and the expanded theory of everything".

In a weird way it summed him up perfectly.

Next to us was a cake made earlier by Katherine Sabbath - adorned with lollypops and dazzling everyone with its bright colours.

It certainly lived up to its name of "Water Coloured lollypop cake".

Katherine was arriving just as we left and this was another missed opportunity for us to hear from a sweet legend.

This was the first year for Sweetfest. It was popular, it had great food available and great demonstrations from some of the best around, all expertly kept together.

We left with plenty of goodies from a number of the tasty stalls there. We'll be back next year!


Bottega Del Cafe 
The District - Chatswood Interchange
Chatswood, Sydney

Having a scroll fanatic in our midst makes grabbing these things a regular event. Of course it helps even more if they're Oregano Bakery scrolls!

Bottega Del Cafe has a great range of these goodies, and more. It gets plenty of traffic too with a window full of these treats.

We grabbed two favourites - the nutella and banana scroll and the traditional cinnamon scroll. To be honest, even though we were stuffed and taking them home, they were lucky to make it back! 

It's good to see a place specialising in these great scrolls - but they do offer more than just this - even though it's the scrolls that are the most popular treat here. 

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