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Grain Organic Bakery
Artisan Soudough & Seeded Breads
61-71 Mentmore Ave,
Rosebery, Sydney

Grain is a bakery first and foremost, producing a wide variety of lovely sourdough and seeded bread varieties on the premises.

But it’s important to also realise that this is a café too, with a great menu and a lot of quirky recycled furnishings giving the whole place huge charm and appeal.

It may be a bit hard to find as there is no signage allowed on the building but it’s definitely worth making the effort to find this great place.

The décor is really delightful and certainly interesting, with a row of old cinema seats down one side and both modern and antique furniture living happily together.

The large window, which shows part of the bakery workings, is a nice feature.

To start the experience, Dame K chose a Single Origin Ceylon tea and Dame M had her fix of a flat white from Cabrito coffee beans.

Both were very nice drops.

The breakfast menu is offered until 11.30 each day and the lunch menu follows, with really tempting sandwich and salad options.

Dame K decided on the toasted brioche roll with free-range bacon and eggs, tomato relish, BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese. The combination sounded so good! The brioche roll turned out to be big and beautiful. Despite the size, the brioche was soft and light so it wasn’t a heavy meal. The filling was tasty, the bacon was crispy and the eggs oozed to perfection!

For Dame M, it was the smashed avocado, Persian feta, soft boiled eggs, pistachio and basil.

This smashed avo dish was just as impressive with great visual appeal.

The Persian feta was silky and combined so well with the beautifully cooked eggs and the toast gave it a nice crunch.

What a delicious dish!

We couldn’t leave without trying something from the lunch menu, so we opted for a sandwich with slow roasted pork loin, spring onion salsa, hummus and sesame. It was a very substantial sandwich, stuffed full of goodies which really complemented each other. It was also a winner. We also saw some amazing looking salads come out while we were grazing so we’ve made a mental note to try some next time.

And the bread!!

Where do we start when it comes to talking about the delicious goodies they have here.

We had to take some home - it was impossible to resist!

The Dames love good sourdough and these loaves impressed us with their light centres and authentic flavour.

Grain is open 6 days a week currently (closed Sunday) between 8am and 4pm and is located in a large brick warehouse building.

The building is being renovated to house other specialty businesses which will move in soon and give visitors a gourmet centre experience.

Well done to owner Brian Horgan for bringing this to the people and to the lovely Alfie and staff who looked after us so well.

 Those Dames, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, were guests of Grain. Special thanks to Clive Morley for arranging this visit.

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Rise Bakehouse
(Inside Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre)
19 Roseby St
Drummoyne, Sydney

Rise is just inside the centre on the lower floor opposite Coles, so it may be the first coffee and food place encountered. For us, it was actually a stop off point just before we left the centre. Sir was after something sweet - what's new there - and we had spotted a free table and quickly grabbed it.

In terms of cakes and pastries they have plenty of choices available. Most are quite substantial too, but a few smaller sized ones were on offer.

Sir was eyeing off the Christmas mince tarts which were on top of the counter, but ended up with this much sweeter lemon roll. It turned out to be a cake roll with a lemon filling and a surprisingly thin layer of icing on top. He was quite impressed with it.

We also needed drinks. We considered coffee, as we normally do, but opted for a couple of chai's. Mlady had soy and Sir had skim.

Rise Bakehouse is predominantly take away, but their few tables are always busy, the foods fresh and the service friendly. 

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Sweet Belem
35B New Canterbury Rd
Petersham, Sydney

The décor here is reminiscent of what you would find in Portugal. The lovely pictures on the wall depicting different scenes including one of Tram 28 that is famous in Lisbon. The tiled walls inside and the so very cute tiled blue tables add to the atmosphere. There glass displays are so inviting and you can choose from many delicious options that include salted caramel donuts filled with that wondrous custard. Nutella tarts are also an option here.

Sweet Belem Cake Boutique serves Portuguese tarts that are renowned in Sydney for being the best. Having tried them – we can clearly see why! Earlier this year we visited Lisbon Portugal and were very fortunate to try the Portuguese tarts from Pasteis de Belem. Boy oh Boy these ones at Sweet Belem were simply AMAZING too!!!

The Portuguese tarts from Sweet Belem Cake Boutique are as good as those from Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon Portugal. The pastry is crispy and flaky. The yummy inside is creamy and delicious and they're slightly browned on top – just right. The dusting of cinnamon completes it. They truly are mouth-watering and so very light – that you can eat a couple in one sitting. The Portuguese tarts are all handcrafted and are made with pride and passion.

Not only can you enjoy a Portuguese tart but you can also enjoy many other delectable treats.

We tried the waterbread which was so soft and moist  on the inside with a nice crunchy top – although not too crunchy - which gave it a good balance. Some breads can be quite crunchy which can be a bit hard on the teeth – this was not the case here.
We also tried a chocoholic’s dream which was absolutely lovely. It had a gooey type centre with an amazing chocolate top that simply gave it fudge like type of sensation when you ate it. This was pure decadence. Next we tried a baked chocolate tart. Now this really was sensational. The crispness of the top as you bit into it revealing the luxurious velvety centre. The two different textures complimented one another so well. It is not a heavy tart which is what you don’t want and this tart was also a chocoholic’s dream. This place truly is pure heaven.

Also the coffee here is good. Mlady’s half strength Soy cappuccino and Sir’s skim flat white went down a treat with these fabulous treats.

We would like to say a special thank you to Chef Jose Silva for taking time out from his busy schedule to sit and talk to us about the wonderful history of Sweet Belem Cake Boutique, for showing and explaining how these amazing Portuguese tarts are created and for also sharing with us his next vision.

We thought we'd leave you with some pictures of just a few of the delicious treats available at Sweet Belem.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Sweet Belem.

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The Factoria
1003-1009 Canley Vale Rd,
Wetherill Park, Sydney

This place is just bursting with character!

Located in an otherwise ordinary semi-industrial area, Factoria is like an oasis in the desert.

As you approach, you are immediately impressed with the colour and charm of the garden setting.

Rustic outdoor seating with umbrellas and pots of leafy plants and flowers adorn the entry and a gorgeous old bicycle tops it all off.

Factoria has an awesome array of counter goodies, especially cakes and pastries.

There is also a range of ready-made savoury pastries and focaccias and a gelato bar at the back.

 If that isn’t enough to make you smile, turn around and you will see an attractive layout of specialty imported gourmet products such as pastas, oils, vinegars, condiments… much lovely stuff you could browse for ages.

There were also plenty of things we had never seen before. There is even a room out the back with backlit shelves which are packed with more of these fascinating foodie items.

We were there for lunch so we headed for the savoury section.

There were roasted vegetable foccacias, croissants and frittatas but Dame M chose a spinach quiche and Dame K had the shepherd’s pie.

The quiche was vegetarian and very tasty with a nice soft pastry.

The pie was not the usual looking shepherd’s pie, but a pastry-enclosed turnover style.

The meaty filling was delicious and full of vegetables (including potato, of course). We also had the house coffee, Will and Co, which was superb.

The staff here are super friendly and our lovely waitress Vanessa suggested we try a selection platter of dessert items. After a lot of mind-changes, we came up with a good looking and good tasting combination. Strawberry cheesecake, cannoli with vanilla custard, Chantilly raspberry tart, chocolate hazelnut stick and lemon biscotti! It was hard to choose which was the best but Dame M nominated the Chantilly raspberry tart. But each to his own – Dame K liked the cannoli and the biscotti the most.

Factoria is decorated inside like a retro style kitchen. The bright orange and white cupboards and café curtains made me feel like I was at Grandma’s house for morning tea. There’s certainly a lot of fascinating things about the place which makes it a great spot for a visit. It has a lot more than your average coffee shop and we really enjoyed the experience.

Those Dames, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of The Factoria. Big thanks to Carmelina Catanzariti the General Manager there for this invitation.

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Sweetfest 2015

Do you haver a sweet tooth - or two? We do - so we dropped in to Sweetfest 2015 - and we're glad we did. It was understandably busy - cause people love sweet things.

The concept was straight forward. They had stalls there selling their sugary sweet wares, and they had a series of masterclasses from some of the best in the sweet business. Tick and tick!

It was very busy there, both inside at the Masterclasses and outside at the stalls. It was all running so smoothly though. At the stalls, the food was moving quickly so people didn't need to queue, or when they did, not for long at all. It was great food too. 

Inside the masterclasses the crowds were being entertained, educated and impressed by some of the best around. We dropped by the masterclass with Andy Bowden which was being expertly compered by the dynamic Myffy Rigby. The crowd loved it. He was making sort serve desserts - sampled by an impromptu dance-off winner. The big screen up behind them meant everyone in the audience could see what was going on. 

We also had a chat with the next "sweet act", the lively  Alistair Wise who had come all the way from Sweet Envy in North Hobart.

Now we wished we'd been able to stay for his session as we've been to Sweet Envy in North Hobart. We therefore have some sort of connection.

Alistair is a real character - he literally bounces - he's a ball of energy.

His session was "salted caramel, pecan sticky bun and the expanded theory of everything".

In a weird way it summed him up perfectly.

Next to us was a cake made earlier by Katherine Sabbath - adorned with lollypops and dazzling everyone with its bright colours.

It certainly lived up to its name of "Water Coloured lollypop cake".

Katherine was arriving just as we left and this was another missed opportunity for us to hear from a sweet legend.

This was the first year for Sweetfest. It was popular, it had great food available and great demonstrations from some of the best around, all expertly kept together.

We left with plenty of goodies from a number of the tasty stalls there. We'll be back next year!


206 Cleveland St
Chippendale, Sydney

While at the delicious Sweetfest we dropped in to the Brickfields stall. Brickfields is a bakery, cafe and wholesaler in Chippendale that's become a part of the community there. It was great to see their goodies on display at Sweetfest - and once seen it was hard not to grab a few essentials there!

The biggest challenge was what to choose - they all looked so good!

The chocolate cake looked rich and indulgent - just as chocolate cake should look. It almost won.

In the end though there were two winners from a rich field of choices.

Firstly, the mango and coconut tart looked amazing. The rich orange/yellow colour showcased bright white coconut on top. It was spectacular.

Then there was the date and vanilla tart. The idea of blending dates with vanilla had our mouths watering straight away - hello old friend!

Brickfields - your goodies look and taste delicious.
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11 Railway Ave
Wahroonga, Sydney

Pastadelli is well known for its great range of pastas - but in reality it offers much more than this alone.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and for snacks and coffee in between these times - it always seems to have a constant trade of customers going through there doors.

They do a roaring trade in take away - for food and drinks - but there's also plenty of space inside (and a few outside as well).

We were there for brunch and as usual started with a couple of coffee's. They have Campos coffee here - and it's a great drop. We sat at the bench just inside the front door looking outside onto the street and the passers by. It was a great place to people watch mid morning while sipping a good coffee.

Mlady often heads for the healthier options for breakfast or brunch - and today was no exception. She had the honey spiced muesli with cinnamon, poached pears, yoghurt and berries. She was content that the muesli had both yoghurt and milk as side servings for her to add as she pleased. 

Sir uncharacteristically (and possibly almost reluctantly) veered away from the eggs and decided to also go healthier.

He had Gordon's porridge with toasted almonds, baked rhubarb and brown sugar. It was a walk down memory lane for him - back to his childhood and having steaming hot porridge at home on a cold morning.

This version was delicious and perfect with brown sugar.

Pastadelli is a great place to drop by for a meal, a snack or to take some tasty food away. For a place that's not huge they have a really big range of choices. 

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