Ipoh Club
Chatswood RSL Level 1
446 Victoria Ave
Chatswood, Sydney

We were here with a group and this worked so well so that we could try more delicious dishes and even have dishes we had not eaten before.

Ipoh Club is situated in Chatswood within the RSL and is quite spacious and ideal for families, groups and couples. The ambiance is relaxed and comfortable.

The food is Malaysian Hawker style and it is very good. There is a huge variety and we certainly took advantage of this.

The servings too are generous.

Mini curry puffs are a popular Malaysian snack and also with us. We often order these and having them tonight was no exception. They are a simple yet tasty snack made up of deep fried pastry with curried pea and potato filling and these ones were certainly very tasty.

Another all time favourite and popular dish with us are the Chicken Satay's. They were described on the menu as -Tender marinated chicken skewers grilled to perfection and served with peanut sauce, cucumber and red onions. This really was a good dish and we both loved the peanut sauce.

Next was the Cereal butter prawns. We had not tried this dish before so decided to give it a go as it sounded and looked interesting. The cereal butter prawns were aromatic deep fried king prawns cooked in a butter and cereal mixture. It was an unusual dish due to the cereal and was quite pleasant tasting.

For a stir fried noodle dish we choose the popular Ipoh Char Kway Teow.  Mlady is quite taken with this very flavoursome dish having recently enjoyed it immensely in Malaysia. It is definitely a favourite for her. She did have to share it tonight though!

Probably our regular winner was next - Roti Canai. This crispy and flaky Malaysian flat bread was freshly made. This is always a favourite and not just with us so naturally we indulged - as we always do. We had the Roti Canai with the spicy and tender Beef Rendang - another all time favourite. The Beef Rendang here was good and lived up to its description. Mlady is a great fan of this dish.

The Salt and Pepper eggplant was lightly battered salt and pepper deep fried eggplant. This was a winning dish with everyone. We all loved this light and very flavoursome treat. We had never tried this before and were so happy that we did. When it arrived it looked like hot chips! This was also a crowd pleaser. It was such a "Moreish" dish that we all kept grazing.

We included Nasi Goreng in our array of tasty, spicy meals. This is generally popular - and we all really did enjoy this side/dish.

The Hainanese Crispy Roasted Chicken consisted of chilli and ginger-shallot sauces. You could order either a whole or half chicken and considering all the other food we already had we ordered the half chicken. This dish had nice fresh flavours and was very nice.

We generally order steamed rice and tonight was again one of those occasions. As always, we used the rice to soak up our many tasty sauces.

For Sir, his dish of the night was the Kam Heog squid. It was stir-fried squid served with an aromatic mix of dried shrimp, curry leaves and chilli paste. This dish was popular especially with both Sir and Mlady as we a huge fans of a good seafood dish.

Ipoh Club is not your average club grub. The Malaysian theme inside a club is unusual, but it works well. The food is ideal for sharing and the place is already very popular, and for good reasons. We really enjoyed it all.

Sir and Mlady's visit to Ipoh Club was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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