Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema
Heritage Park - Heritage Rd,
Castle Hill, Sydney

With a stunning bushland backdrop, delightful decorations, fantastic food and drink options and an excellent array of films to choose from, the Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema is a wonderful choice for a summer night out.

Located in the heart of the Hills District in Sydney, this bushy, open area is set up with a huge outdoor movie screen, foldable chairs, beanbags, private tents, food and drinks, and entertainment from MTV and Nova 96.9.

We visited on opening night, with cocktails and canapes to welcome us to this wonderfully planned event. Even though the weather was cool for summer, the vibe was great with a live DJ before the film started. Naturally, our eyes went straight to the menus available at the Outdoor Cinema.

With food truck style foods, there was a range of burgers, hot dogs, and healthier salad options, with a kids menu available as well.

Aside from the mains, there were snacks for absent minded indulging during the film, such as popcorn, crisps, and ice cream cones from Gelato Messina.

Our food, ordered at the truck and collected when our buzzer rang, looked delicious - even for food presented in styrofoam containers. Duke munched on a Kransky hotdog, smothered in purple sauerkraut and mustard mayo. He definitely picked up some European vibes in this dish and the serving size was perfect for dinner. Duchess couldn’t go past the Southern Fried Chicken Burger (it’s so hard to say Southern Fried Chicken out loud without a Southern accent - go on, try it). She was in food bliss as she tore into this burger, perfect juicy chicken, just the right amount of bite, offset with lettuce and tomato. And that cheese, that sauce. SO GOOD. One of the best burgers Duchess has had.

Just to pretend we were being healthy, we also shared a chicken & green mango salad, which was very Vietnamese influenced with Nam Jim dressing, herbs, peanuts and some tomato and cucumber included too.

We also tried the beer of choice at the outdoor cinema, Vale - it was definitely a nice bottled brew. Some sparkling for Duchess, the Azure, was just the perfect addition of sparkle to an already enjoyable evening.

The movie, Spectre, was set to begin and we made ourselves comfortable in some of the folding chairs, grabbed a blanket, and settled back for a relaxing film. The sound and picture quality was great, considering it was an outdoor cinema. Overall, the Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema was a great night out, for couples, families or just a group of friends. The best part? The whole package - you can spend your entire night there without having to grab dinner beforehand - just grab one of those burgers.

The Duke and Duchess, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, were guests of Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema. Special thanks to Rachel Cameron of The Society Group for this invitation.


Hilltop Phoenix
Castle Towers
Castle Hill

This is a good reliable yum cha restaurant that always lives up to its reputation for good food. That's why it always has a big queue outside on the weekend and today was no exception. However the wait was short and we were soon seated and eating - starting with fried prawn dumplings.
Next up was a serving of prawn and garlic chive spring rolls., Again very tasty.
Prawn and snow pea dumplings then arrived - steaming and delicious.
The traditional prawn dumplings were next - how can you pass these up?
One of my favourites was (and usually is) the salt and pepper calamari. This was as good as I had hoped it would be. sadly I think I ate most of it.
 These dumplings are a favourite too - yum.
 Fried prawn and garlic chives dumplings were our next selection - gotta love those garlic chives.
Finally M'Lady's favourite - egg custard tarts. I think she could have eaten all three but she had to settle for two.
I grabbed a mango and cream pancake to end my meal - I cant resist these things (and must learn how to make them cause i think they might be pretty easy - I think!).

Hilltop Phoenix is a very good reliable yum cha restaurant that has never let us down.

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