Season Thai
780 Pacific Highway
Gordon, Sydney

Season Thai is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best Thai eateries on Sydney's north shore. We have to admit - after having eaten here, we can vouch that it's pretty good.
The petite satay chicken comes in a serving of six for $8.50. We were all amazed at how tender the chicken was. We've had plenty of chicken skewers in our day but these were certainly special.

The curry puffs at 4 for $6.00 were decent value and tasty. They came with a nice sweet chilli dipping sauce.

The spring rolls were $6.50 for four. They were nice and crisp on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside.

The garlic and pepper beef came sizzling to our table. It smelled exactly as you would expect - lots of garlic and pepper!

The beef was nice and tender and the sauce had a good kick to it.

The chicken and cashews (below left) was great as well. Tender pieces of chicken blended nicely with crunchy cashews - its such a great combination isn't it.

The green curry chicken (below right) was also great. Probably not quite as hot as some we've had but plenty of flavour and it did kick a bit.

The red curry chicken is a favourite of the singer - so we ordered two of them for the group. We all loved this one. The red curry goes nicely with the tender chicken and veggies.
We had salt and pepper calamari which came out in a pile of tubes. They had a nice crisp outer and were tender inside (thankfully). The flavours were certainly nice too.

My favourite dish of the night - not surprisingly - was the soft shell crab. I haven't met a soft shell crab I didn't like - but this one was great. So light and crisp and soft all in one. Well done!

The Thai fried rice with chicken was really good too. Plenty of tender chicken blended with fluffy rice and garnishes made this a winner.

Season Thai has great food. The service was attentive and helpful without being over the top. Prices are very reasonable. The decor is pleasant as well. This is deservedly getting a great reputation.

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