African Feeling 
1/501 King St
Newtown, Sydney

We were cruising King St in Newtown looking for a parking spot first, then we were going to just drop in to whatever was nearby for a quick bite before going to see a band.

We eventually found one down the far end and when we got out and wandered a short distance we spotted African Feeling.

We've eaten African food a few times before and always enjoyed it so we made the impromptu decision to give it a go.

We also fortunately scored a table straight away which was a bonus.

We of course started with drinks but made the socially responsible decision to go for non-alcoholic because we wanted a few later on. The mocktails here were good too. Sir had a sober pina colada - a mix of coconut and pineapple just leaving out the alcohol. Mlady had The Cooler - made from fresh orange and lemon juice, ginger and shredded mint leaves.  

For "mains" we decided to stick with a selection of entree's as we'd eaten up fairly heavily earlier on. They arrived together, as requested. 

We had vegetarian triangles (a spiced potato and vegetable mix inside crispy pastry), African Cigars (minced beef and herbs inside tubed pastry - and much like a meaty spring roll) and finally Kpoff Kpoff (light fluffy Nigerian dumplings). They were all served with a good sized dish of mild vegetarian dipping sauce that was pleasant. A side of freshly made warm roti was very tasty. 

We would have liked to try the African Donuts for dessert but sadly we didn't have the space. They looked good in the advert on the table. African Feeling is a pleasant place with a good variety of African food.

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The Foodie House
Macquarie Centre
197 Herring Rd
North Ryde, Sydney

We felt like having a spicy lunch and being a public holiday, where a lot of restaurants are closed, we decided to head to the Macquarie Centre.

The Foodie House caught our eye and after reading their menu's thought that this would be a good place to grab a nice lunch - with spice. We both chose dishes that were on the "lunchtime" special.

Mlady had a laksa and chose the vegetarian/tofu variation for this.

It did not take long to arrive and when it did it smelt delish. Mlady had the beauty of the laksa being a lovely "soup" with all it's goodies.

This consisted of the noodles, baby corn, mushrooms, pieces of carrot, sliced bits of onion, pieces of shallot and of course wonderful soft tofu.

Mlady of course used the chopsticks to eat the tasty spicy vegetables and noodles and the spoon to enjoy the wonderful "soup". This was a really satisfying dish that tasted delicious and ticked all the boxes.

Sir ordered the Crispy roasted pork served with rice. There was a good pile of pork on the plate. It was nice and tender with a mildly flavoured dipping sauce and a small garnish of salad.

It was accompanied with a good sized serving of rice on the plate as well. The combination was tasty and with its side of soup it was a very substantial meal.

The Foodie House is a quaint place with a street stall appearance to it even though it's inside Macquarie Centre. The food is freshly made, fast and tasty.

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Customs House Bar
(part of Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel)
17 Macquarie Pl
Sydney CBD

Customs House Bar is transforming into one of the city's newest dining destinations, both inside and outside what is one of Sydney's oldest pubs. The outside seating, their main area, has rustic furniture, pretty hanging gardens, hedges, white picket fences and communal tables. This is absolutely ideal for people to enjoy a drink and a quick bite or a full meal. Customs House Bar is a casual fun place. They have nice quick meals - to cater for the lunch-time crowds and the food is kept at affordable prices. It's a beer pub and they have 20 "on tap" beers - that cater for every possible taste! When we arrived we could feel the "buzz" and the place was full with people eating, drinking and generally relaxing. There was a mixture of people including groups and couples that were settling in for a good night of food and drinks.

Hemant Dadlani - Executive Chef has put together an innovative, seasonal and very tasty menu. His inspiration has come from tropical places which are versatile - and it is evident in the menu.

Mlady started with a lovely Coldstream Hills Merlot from the Yarra Valley. This was a very nice drop as Mlady prefers the lighter tasting wines. Sir who has a preference for the medium to full bodied wines had the Saltram 1859 Shiraz from the Barossa Valley of which he enjoyed.

Mlady ordered the Cajun chicken breast burger, smashed avocado, perri mayonnaise on a Brioche bun. Chicken breast at times can be a bit dry - but this was certainly not the case here! It really was a very tasty burger with crisp lettuce and tomato. It arrived with oh so good chips in a cute bucket with the chips wrapped in "newspaper". It also included was a little bucket of tomato sauce. Dipping the yummy chips in the tomato sauce - nice! Mlady enjoyed this dish immensely.

We then had the oh so tender and very tasty Southern Highlands young chicken, asparagus, citrus salsa and watercress.

The asparagus was served as a side in a cute retro white enamel bowl. It was pretty enough to eat on its own!

The chicken was tender and juicy and the crispy skin made this a very enjoyable meal. It was a decent sized serving too - plenty there for a sharing plate or a big meal for one.

This was a colourful dish with the citrus salsa adding splashes of pastel on top of the chicken and even more colour coming from the floral adorned asparagus, all the flavours and textures - these all complemented one another.

Next was the Braised Galangal Beef short ribs - slow cooked for 18 hours, seasonal market vegetables with pine nut salt. This generous dish was incredibly tender and the meat was immersed in flavour. The basting had impregnated the meat and made for a wonderfully flavoured dish. The  market vegetables went so well with this great meal.

We ordered a salad and chose the Grilled Corella pear and witlof salad, spiced pecans, south cape blue cheese and burnt fig vinaigrette. This was an interesting mix of flavours and truly a mix of contrasts! Even Sir who is not a mad fan of salads as Mlady is - enjoyed this. Sir actually said "this is good".  Mlady literally fell in love with this salad and she is not a big fan of blue cheese. 
The pecans (from Mexico) certainly lived up to their description on the menu - spicy - lovely. This would have to be one of the "prettiest" salad dishes and the taste - well - AMAZING! Simply one of the best salads ever!

We had a few samples of the beers that Customs House Bar has on tap. Our first sample consisted of lighter coloured beers. These were Resche's draught - an Australian classic, Bees Knee's which is based on German wheat and an Alpha Pale ale. It was a nice selection of the pale beers. They were well paired with the dishes that we had.

The next selection was a sample of darker beers. These were Millers, Ruby Tuesday and White rabbit and again these were well paired with our meals. Mlady favours the darker beers whilst Sir drinks the lot!

We were also fortunate to try a couple of cocktails. Mlady had the Irish maid which is based on the Jamison Whisky St.Germain with fresh lime juice and mint. This was so refreshing - and oh so yummy. Great flavours and ideal for summer. Sir had - in an elegant champagne glass - Cafe Sombre - expresso martini with a tequila base with Mr. Black coffee liqueur. It was topped with a coffee bean. Mlady sneakily had a taste - and thought - oh this is good! Sir enjoyed the nice coffee flavour with an alcohol kick. It also had a nice froth on top and Sir ate the coffee bean - as you do.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Kelsie who looked after us on the night. Kelsie was energetic, passionate and educational in explaining everything to us that was on the menu. Her knowledge was commendable and her teaming of the wines, beers and cocktails was exemplary.

Special thanks to Hemant Dadlani - Executive chef for taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit and chat with us and share his wonderfully flavoured and innovative menu.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Customs House Bar. Big thanks to Gabriella Lizzo for this invitation.

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Noodle & Dumpling on Westpoint
Level 4, Westpoint Shopping Centre
Blacktown, Sydney

Mlady and The Baroness felt like having some noodles for dinner so we decided to try Noodle & Dumpling on Westpoint.

Mlady had often passed this place whilst shopping and liked what she'd seen. She decided it was the time to try it out.

Situated on level 4 - same level as the cinemas. You can sit either inside or outside and there are those lovely heaters outside to keep you nice and warm.

The choices here are varied. You can create your own or just choose from the diverse menu.

You can go with the following (creating your own) -
Step 1: Choose Noodle style,
Step 2: Choose Noodle soup.
Step 3 : Choose Ingredients.

The decision to choose was difficult - What to have?
They have great choices and also being able to create your own combination is a good idea.

Mlady decided this time to not to create her own but chose from the menu.

She saw the Wonton Noodle soup and this really appealed to my taste buds. This really was a fresh and flavoursome dish. She really enjoyed the taste of the Wontons which had a meat filling. She was not entirely sure what the exact flavour was but they were really good. There were plenty of noodles too! She also loved the greens that surrounded the Wontons - she does love her greens. The serving was generous too.

The Baroness chose Pad Thai - chicken and prawn. This really was an exceptional Pad Thai and her empty plate was testament to this! She is quite partial to prawns and this dish had them aplenty. Again it had great flavours and was a generous serving.

The Baroness also ordered a serve of Vegetarian Dumplings (6). These were filled and bulging with vegetables. They looked so good that Mlady just  had to try one. These really were very yummy.

We noticed too that tables were filling up. It was obvious that this place was popular. We can see why. The food here is certainly fresh, mouth watering and generously served. We will definitely be back.

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