Bondi Pizza
Macquarie Centre
North Ryde, Sydney

Bondi Beach - Relaxing, Vibrant and Fun! Bondi Pizza brings these qualities of an iconic Australia landmark to the Macquarie Centre. With an impressive surf inspired décor, mouth-watering range of delicious pizzas and energetic friendly staff there can be no better words to describe the experience of dining at Bondi Pizza.

Despite the restaurant only being filled at half capacity (as can be expected on a Tuesday night), we could still feel the Bondi buzz.

We arrived to surf movies and the famous Wipe Out music greeting us, an impressive Bondi Pizza themed long board planted on the wall.

A wide range of diners were present ranging from birthday parties to young families to couples enjoying Bondi Pizza’s signature thin pressed pizzas. After ordering our first round of Coronas and deliberating extensively over which starters to share (there are 22 choices!), we decided on the Arancini Balls and the Chargrilled Chorizo.

We had arrived with high expectations and an appetite to match.

So it wasn't surprising at all that we tucked straight into the chargrilled Chorizo.

These were so good that we devoured them in a few minutes!

The flat bread and side of chilli mayo sat very nicely with the Chorizo, which was cooked perfectly.

This was a great start to our meal and certainly lived up to our high expectations.

The Arancini Balls were next and they were great too.

They had a very big cheesy hit that didn't lack flavour.

It also had the kind of crispy outer layer you'd expect in a good arancini too.

It was a great dish and a nice contrast to the textures of the chorizo.

The side serving of garlic aioli was very tasty too.

Still with some room in our ample bellies, we ordered another round of beers and waited eagerly for our signature Bondi Pizzas, the Grilled Chicken Tandoori and the Marinated Chargrilled Lamb!

 The Marinated Lamb lived up to all that was promised and then some…tender marinated lamb backstrap fillet, feta, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, rocket, sweet potato crisps with creamy Caesar sauce! The lamb was cooked to perfection, the Caesar sauce blending the flavours together very nicely.

We cannot recommend this pizza enough! It is a must have for all Bondi Pizza diners.At this stage we were feeling very satisfied with our meal, but still had one last pizza to polish off for the night.

Chicken Tandoori is one of our favourite pizzas and we were intrigued to discover if Bondi Pizzas’ version stacked up to the very impressive Marinated Lamb…it turned out to be an impressive pizza indeed - but our favourite was the lamb by a nose due to its combinations! The yogurt sauce was delicious and the chicken was of good quality.

With our starters and mains devoured and several Coronas knocked off, this reviewer decided to really put himself into a food coma by ordering a Triple Choc Brownie! How could I resist? Especially with it’s stunning presentation. The Triple Choc Brownie was nicely warmed and coupled vanilla ice cream and drizzled with warm melted Belgian chocolate melted in the mouth! Absolutely delicious, not a crumb was left on the plate.

Bondi Pizza has grown for a reason. They have good variety and the food tastes great as well. It's a relaxing, vibrant and fun dining experience.

The Knights, who now review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as gusts of Bondi Pizza. Special thanks to Courtney from Bondi Pizza HQ for this kind invitation.

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Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour
61 Macquarie St

Want style, sophistication and a bit of class - then drop in to ECQ Bar for a drink, a bite to eat and for some of the most breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour and bridge going around.

ECQ Bar is a few floors up inside the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour. You need to go up past their lovely restaurant - Q Dining - to discover this oasis - peering pout across the water from it's great location.

They have recently launched their Tapastry Menu - a selection of dishes created by their Culinary Ambassador, award winning chef Justin North. When you pair these with the dishes created in-house by Executive Chef Daniel Simpson you end up with a suite of delicious choices that can satisfy any palate.

Our first dish for our journey through the menu was the potted smoked rainbow trout with linseed sourdough crostini.

The pot came nicely presented topped with a big dollop of aioli and caviar pearls.

It was bright, vibrant, substantial and most importantly also very tasty.

Then it was on to some lovely fresh oysters.

The serving consisted of six freshly shucked Pacific oysters with a side of echallot mignonette dressing and a nice touch with wedges of both lemon and lime.

Oysters are a great start to a meal and these were not only so fresh but also full of flavour.

This was followed by torched Glacier 51 tooth fish served with green papaya salad and ginger and lime dressing.

This fish lives 2,000 feet below the sea level in the sub-Antarctic and is caught off Heard Island there - which is actually Australian territory.

This delicacy is high in oil and as a result has a wonderful taste.

Next, a more traditional salt and pepper squid was enhanced with a vibrant and contrasting squid ink mayo.

This dish was delicious.

The squid cooked to perfection - golden on the outside and so tender inside - and the pitch black mayo adding a wow factor to both the plate and the palate. 

KFC - or Korean Fried Chicken - is one of the "it" dishes these days and this variation was amazing. It was crispy fried free-range chicken served on a pour of fermented red chilli emulsion with pickles and fennel salt.

The chicken was crisp outside and the meat was tender and juicy inside. The emulsion and pickles cut through it perfectly.

The confit pork cheek and hock terrine with pear textures was a dish that had elegance and substance all in one.

The piece of terrine was a good size and packed with flavours from the cheek and hock.

The fruity pear puree and slivers counterbalanced the richness of it nicely too.  

Then some liquid gold arrived at the table in the form of a 1983 Pedro Ximenez. This drop was divine. We both have a soft spot for this rich, silky sweet Spanish sherry - we drank plenty of it earlier this year across Spain.

Dessert next and the espresso martini with Zokoko chocolate mousseline was pretty to look at and delicious to eat. The serving glass really showcased it well but the taste was even better.

We love good churros. Again, our recent journey through Spain only added to this. These ones were great. They were cinnamon tossed churros interestingly served with candied jalapeno and a rich chocolate ganache.

ECQ Bar is somewhere to kick back at the start of a night out, only to discover later on that you've spent the entire evening there.

They have a great wine list and once you start their Tapastry menu you'll probably work your way through several choices - they're very good! These are all good sized servings of extremely tasty combinations.

Then there's the views - the million dollar views. This place is so ideally located and they use their lovely views so well.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of ECQ Bar, the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour and Accor. Special thanks to Atsuko and Edgardo for looking after us so well. Big thanks also to Janelle Neeve for this invitation.

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Bondi Pizza
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Piazza Dining Precinct
109-129 Blaxland Rd
Ryde, Sydney

Nothing says Australian like Bondi - a landmark beach with style and great vibes. You’d expect the same from Bondi Pizza - and you wouldn't be disappointed.

Located across Sydney, Bondi Pizza is a quality chain eatery with an upmarket pub vibe. The Duke and Duchess visited the Top Ryde location, nestled in the buzzing piazza, where a busy Friday night created a great atmosphere for our meal.

We were lead to our table by the efficient staff, and felt very Australian with their surf inspired decor - even in Top Ryde, with no beach in sight.

After a long week, we were looking forward to a good feed, and we weren’t disappointed by the fantastic array of food available on the menu.

After ordering some drinks, a Crown Golden Ale and a lemon lime and bitters (they had wine, beer, spirits and much more on offer), we chose the arancini balls and the marinated meatballs for starters.

The arancini balls arrived promptly, and they were piping hot, with a buttery and cheesy texture surrounded in a delicious crispy layer.

The garlic aioli was the perfect addition - these were gone in seconds.

Our appetites whetted, the meatballs arrived and we dug straight in. These meatballs are Wagyu beef and pork, covered in a delicious BBQ glaze. A nice surprise was the flat bread served alongside the BBQ mayo - wrap a meatball in the bread, drowned in sauce, and you’re in for a delectable treat. The Duke described the meatballs as “warm and juicy”.

With so many pizzas on the menu, it was tough to decide which flavours to choose. We opted to try something new, away from our usuals. First was the prosciutto & bocconcini pizza. The base was thin, and with just the right amount of crisp. Beautifully salty cured meats complemented perfectly by the fresh bocconcini boded well with us, and the mango chutney added a touch of pizzazz to the pizza.

Our second pizza (by this time we were feeling quite full!), was the peking duck. Peking duck is one of our favourite dishes, in pancake form or however else you can have it. We just had to try it on a pizza! We loved the simplicity of the elements on the pizza - it tasted just like a peking duck pancake! The duck was cooked well, the cucumber fresh, and the coriander added a nice bite. Hoi sin! So yum!

By this point Duke and Duchess were entering food coma stages, but the dessert menu had the ultimate kryptonite - a dessert share plate! We couldn’t resist. With four elements; the apple crumble pizzette, chocolate brownie swirls, fruit fondue with Belgian chocolate, and a triple chocolate brownie served with Belgian chocolate and ice cream - this was a dessert lover’s paradise. Not a single misfire here - it was delicious. Our favourites were the swirls, so soft, warm and chocolatey. We would go back just for the swirls!

Thanks to Bondi Pizza for a lovely, laid back evening, and to Kate who served us so well on the night.

The food was good and it was all served with a charm and style that makes you want to eagerly go back.

Duke and Duchess, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Bondi Pizza. Special thanks to Courtney Hogan for inviting us.

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The Schnitzel Kitchen
82 Majors Bay Rd
Concord, Sydney

The schnitzel - in Europe its a staple, in Australia schnitty is typical at the pub.Not at The Schnitzel Kitchen (TSK) where schnitzel is the specialty.

Inspired by the owner Frank Ribosa, TSK breathes schnitzel and offers traditional schnitzel, and on-trend with Sydneysiders desire to try something new and unique, offers specialty schnitzel such as kangaroo, wagyu beef, Greek lamb and more.

We walked in to TSK and instantly felt welcome. It's a family owned restaurant with a great vibe - everyone was chilled and happy. The industrial feel of the decor made TSK ooze modernity. At TSK the entrees were Spanish tapas inspired, all the schnitzel main meals are customisable - choose your schnitzel: traditional or TSK specialty, add either a topping or a sauce, and a side. The Schnitzel Kitchen is licensed so they also had wine, cocktails, spirits and sangria jugs on the menu.

The Schnitzel Kitchen has a real Spanish influence, with one of the head chefs (girlfriend of owner Frank) of Spanish background. Frank explained that the combination of Spanish entrees, delicious schnitzel and a family feel restaurant meant that he had many local regulars, but his specialty schnitzel was bringing in visitors from all over Sydney, just to try.

While we perused the menu Duke ordered a Barwand Shiraz from NSW and Duchess ordered what Frank described as a "mean" Long Island Iced Tea. Both came quickly and the Long Island Iced Tea was spot on - perfectly balanced and definitely "mean". We were eager to try a Spanish inspired tapas entree and ordered the chicken croquettes Spanish style - chicken, egg, onion in a bechamel sauce rolled in panko breadcrumbs.

The croquettes arrived and they were delicious - the crispy outside was perfection, Duke was a big fan. Cutting into the croquettes we knew they were cooked well - we’ve had croquettes in Spain before, and these were strong rivals! The centre was a beautiful texture, soft and piping hot. They really were an authentic Spanish recipe.

While we perused the menu Duke ordered a Barwand Shiraz from NSW and Duchess ordered what Frank described as a "mean" Long Island Iced Tea. Both came quickly and the Long Island Iced Tea was spot on - perfectly balanced and definitely "mean". We were eager to try a Spanish inspired tapas entree and ordered the chicken croquettes Spanish style - chicken, egg, onion in a bechamekl sauce rolled in panko breadcrumbs.

The croquettes arrived and they were delicious - the crispy outside was perfection, Duke was a big fan. Cutting into the croquettes we knew they were cooked well - we’ve had croquettes in Spain before, and these were strong rivals! The centre was a beautiful texture, soft and piping hot. They really were an authentic Spanish recipe.

Duke loved the golden colour of his schnitzel, and that his sauce was on the side. He said the chicken was tender, and the crumbs were really the perfect complement.

The jager sauce had a distinctly strong taste but was not overpowering, and the mash was creamy and smooth.

Duke was very satisfied and really enjoyed his hearty feed.

Duchess’ Greek Lamb specialty schnitzel was the highlight of the night. The crust had oregano, and there was a layer of fetta cheese between the crust and the lamb, which was cooked to perfection. The huge schnitzel came with lemon, which drizzled over the crust added that bit more flavour and moisture. The Greek salad side was delicious, too. It was the perfect complement to add freshness to the dish, with huge chunks of fetta, ripe tomatoes and a zesty dressing. It was a satisfying and fresh dish and best without sauce.
Even though we were so full, we couldn't look past the Spanish churros for dessert.

We couldn't decide between chocolate or caramel sauce, so we had both!

We got three large churros, and they arrived at the table piping hot, very fresh, and had a perfect crunchy outside and soft inside.

They were coated in cinnamon and icing sugar, they smelled fantastic.

The churros felt and tasted very authentic. After tasting both sauces, we preferred the caramel - it was creamy and full of flavour.

The Schnitzel Kitchen was a great experience - delicious schnitzel teamed with Spanish inspired dishes. The servings are huge so make sure you’re coming here with a big appetite! And for those that are gluten free, you can order a naked schnitzel with no crumbs.

Duke and Duchess, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of The Schnitzel Kitchen. A big thanks to Frank for looking after us, and the chefs who did a wonderful job.

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21 Bent St
Sydney CBD

Contrabando is an underground den that's kind of hidden away.

It's actually where the Noble House Chinese Restaurant used to be (look for the upside down sign - kind of quirky keeping it but it is a landmark), but venture down their enticing and mysterious stairway and you'll discover a hidden world here.

The whole place has been completely transformed - and we mean completely - the decor, the food, the atmosphere - the lot! It's another world - but one worth going to.

The place is Southern Californian inspired and this flows through in the colours, decor, the decorations and furnishings and of course the tangy and tasty food they offer.

The menu said: With your permission I would love to take you on the journey I took through Southern California over the Summer and experience some of the tastes I loved.

With these words we were both enchanted and enthralled - and eager to see what lay ahead.

The food odyssey started with ocean trout ceviche that arrived dotted with jalapeno and coriander and beside a pale smear described as a citrus and soy bath.

Wow - the simplicity of the dish understated the flavours - it all worked so well. 

It arrived on black slate accentuating the vibrant colours - we simply rolled up the trout with the jalapeno then dabbed it in the sauce - it was so tasty!

Next step was the arrival of the yellowfin tuna crudo "mini tacos". Sir was in heaven at the sight of these.

They also included avocado, lime, eschallots and chilli.

It was another simple yet good fresh dish that had colour and flavour in abundance. Seafood and avocado are so good together - and yet again they were in this!

The chargrilled corn was such a surprise. Sir isn't a huge fan of corn yet he devoured this and wanted more.

Perhaps it was the lime, queso fresco and chipotle mayo - giving it bite and tang and a kick - transforming it well beyond mere corn on the cob.

It was a great combination - this corn was a real winner

Any dish called "Dirty Water Dog" is going to attract some attention. It's a catchy name for a catchy treat.

 So what is it - it's chorizo, habanero mustard, salsa criola and micro herbs all inside a long bun.

It was such a playful, a very cute take on hot dogs that we really loved.

It was also very tasty, with great flavours and combinations and with nothing overpowering anything else there - everything complemented each other.

Anyway, this is a dish that should at least be tried here - and if you do you will probably enjoy it just like we did. Mlady could have eaten a second one, and a third if given the chance!

Don't you love the words "suckling pig" - it makes our mouths water just saying it - even now.

Well this little piggy came in a quesadilla with sumac yoghurt, salsa verde and a chipotle vinaigrette,

Just reading what this dish included was so appetising - then eating it became even better. It's a great cute combination, like a pizza sandwich. 

We were of course pleased to see soft shell tacos make an appearance on the menu.

The Baha fish tacos arrived on a wooden board spread out and ready to wrap and eat. They also had tomatillo, pico de galo, coriander and chipotle mayo

The fish was lightly cooked and the whole colourful looked great. We really loved the chipotle mayo too!

Once one soft taco left we were lucky enough for another to arrive!

These ones had crispy buttermilk coated chicken resting on top of a soft taco and adorned with coriander, carrot, queso fresco and then drizzled with Korean hot sauce.

Hard to know what to say other than - loved it all so much. This was so good, with textures and flavours converging on each other and yet apart.

The final main course on this epic food journey was the chargrilled lamb rump. It arrived lean and mean on a slate looking so tender and delicious - and it lived up to its appearances. It was served with a smear of spiced yoghurt and drizzled with a tangy habanero vinaigrette and topped with micro herbs. This lamb was so tender and juicy.

Finally a side of matchstick fries with mango habanero BBQ sauce was a great crunchy partner.

We weren't deserted at dessert. In fact it was a cornucopia of taste. We started with apple pie empanadas with a side of creme Anglais. They were cute and oh so tasty.

We then moved on to some delicious churos sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with a small jug of warm butterscotch caramel. The churos were so light and fluffy and the sauce was a perfect pairing.
We finally finished with a teaser of desserts from their sister restaurant upstairs - Barrafina Tapas Bar. We also had a long and extremely enjoyable food and restaurant chat with the passionate owner Peter Varvaressos (a chef himself) and the Executive Chef from Barrafina - Ran Kimelfeld.

Contrabando is a gem, hidden away. Some hidden treasures are worth finding and this is certainly one of them. Yes it's hard to find. Yes it's signposting is of a former occupant - and a Chinese restaurant at that (even though it's upside down). It's all part of the quirky, fun, mysterious experience that awaits you as you descend the stairs. Do it though - it's worth it. We loved it.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Contrabando. Special thanks to Monique, Katy and Kathia for looking after us so well. Big thanks also to Morgan and Frankie from The Press Site for arranging our visit so professionally.

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161 King St
Sydney CBD

Subsolo is a Portuguese word that means basement and this restaurant is certainly true to its name - being underground and actually a bit hidden away. Venture down their stairway to heaven though and you'll find a delightful Spanish/Portuguese restaurant with subdued lighting, plenty of well spaced tables and a wide variety of drinks from cocktails through to plenty of local and imported wine.

Subsolo is more casual, light and easy by day but transforms into a more sophisticated and romantic restaurant by night. They have a variety of areas there - including spaces that can be made into private areas by closing the chained curtains (they can seat 55 for dinner in the back room alone). The variety of spaces means that they have become popular with groups.

Subsolo has two sittings on weekends - 6pm and 8pm. They have to! Also being close to the Capitol Theatre means they get a lot of pre-show diners and they move them through comfortably and in time for their shows. Flat rate parking at The Westin of only $15 helps as well!

Subsolo has been there for 7 years already - it's lasted and grown. Their whole Iberian menu focuses on  Spanish/Portuguese home cooking.

We started with some lovely drinks. Sir had a delicious variation of a Bombay Sidecar - here called a Ron Coche. This drink was made with El Dorado 5 year old rum, pomme verte and Cointreau, served chilled with fresh lemon and lime juice. Mlady was in training for next years food odyssey to Spain and had a very tasty Sub Sangria. This was made with Havana Club Blanco, Curacao, sweet vermouth and came served with seasonal fruits that had been soaked in Tempranillo and it was all topped with fresh lemonade. Both drinks looked great and tasted just as good.

Richard Nichols, one of the owners, started us off on the deli board. It was very substantial having several cold cuts, cheese, jamon pate and pickled vegetables as well as some bread to pile it all on top of!  It was all so good and a great way to start our evening as we took in the buzz from the room and watched as the busy restaurant handled it all effortlessly. A bowl of warmed tasty olives dressed with fresh chilli capped it all off perfectly.

Next was a platter alternating between Bacalao salt cod croquettes and cheesy Manchego croquettes.

We love our croquettes and having two here was a bonus!

Both versions here were very tasty and full flavoured but Mlady loved the Manchego the best and Sir the salted cod. It's always a personal taste thing isn't it?

The pork belly just had to be ordered, especially when Richard described it to us. It's a speciality here. What came was two pieces of very artistically presented pork with lovely crackling on top. It had great colours with its pile of red cabbage on top and of course the apple underneath. It tasted great too!

A couple of glasses of their Luis Canas 2008 Reserva Tempranillo Blend - Rioja went so nicely with this too.

We love stuffed zucchini flowers and always marvel at the different fillings restaurants use with this versatile vegetable.

These were filled with blue cheese and came served with a side of salsa verde. Fortunately the blue cheese filling was very mild and didn't overpower the rest of the dish.

They were massive zucchini flowers too - so there was plenty of filling. 

The lamb salad was another recommendation and for a dish that we probably wouldn't have otherwise ordered. We were so glad we did though - it was soooo good and one of Sirs favourite dishes of the year.

The vibrant colours looked spectacular and the combination of fresh minted figs, tender sweet lamb, the gentle tartness of the fruity pomegranate molasses was truly beautiful. This dish was magnificent!

Our next dish was impressive as well and had a degree of showmanship with the way it was served. The beef arrived on a plate sliced and on top of a bed of colourful vegetables. However before it was served it was torched - right at the table. The beef was extremely tender and we loved the flavours of this dish. 

Their chicken espetada was slow cooked over coals to keep it tender and moist. It worked! This was another impressive dish for both appearance and taste - arriving on a massive skewer suspended from a wrought iron rack that looked like a candelabra. It all came with salad and chips making it a huge dish - no wonder they recommend it for sharing. Some tasty peri peri spices gave it a real kick.

Dessert time - and we were bulging. Nevertheless we soldiered on - what a pair of troupers! We had a lovely saffron orange sorbet  - omg - how refreshing and delicious was this! Of course it's hard to not order their famous churos - so we did. Mlady wanted a vat of the chocolate. She devoured it.

We also had two glasses of absolutely amazing Alvear 1927 Pedro Ximenez - this was liquid silk!

Subsolo has a kind of secret lair like feel to it - like somewhere spies would descend to when making world changing deals. Once you get downstairs you instantly see that it's a lovely place that is rightly very popular despite its hidden location. This place is a hidden treasure of Sydney.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Subsolo. Special than ks to Richard Nichols for looking after us so well. A big thanks also to Max Riley for arranging our visit so capably.

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The Cortile
InterContinental Hotel
117 Macquarie St
Sydney CBD

Fancy a bit of luxury and indulgence? Who doesn't from time to time! Well a visit to the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney for their "Live at the Cortile with the SSO" is a bit of magic that you'll remember for a long time - and best of all it's a series.

The InterContinental Sydney has partnered with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to put together some lovely soiree's in The Cortile Bar and Lounge (right in the middle of the Hotel).

You can sit back and enjoy beautiful music in lovely surroundings, sip fine drinks (including vintage Moet & Chandon) and eat delicious food designed to match the music - this time it was Argentinian tango. And best of all it's extremely affordable.

Apart from the lovely surroundings of The Cortile, the next thing we were greeted with after we were seated was a glass of 2004 vintage Moet & Chandon. It's such a lovely way to start a sophisticated evening! Then a short while later the five piece section from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra started playing and the outside world just seemed to disappear. 

The food, designed to match the music, was in two nicely presented sets.

The first had tasty empanadas - described as empanada Argentina; tortilla de patata con cebolla - potato tortilla with onion; char-grilled chorizo on garlic bread with parsley pesto - lightly spicy and tangy and finally a rich provoleta on ciabatta bread. Even though they were canapes they were actually a good size.

After the first food matching we were served our second drink - this time a martini. It looked as good as it tasted with the subdued light filtering through the glass creating a lovely glow.

The second set of food again came in four portions, but this time two were desserts. We started with Milanesa (a good sized piece of crumbed steak) with salsa blanca then had a lovely Patagonian toothfish with roasted red capsicum. Then the desserts - some of the best churros we've had, with decadent chocolate dipping sauce that Mlady devoured and finally alfajor con dulce de leche - normally biscuits filled with caramel but in this case almost an Eaton mess adaption. So tasty!


It was just so wonderful to sit back and listen to the captivating music of the SSO while tasting delicious food and sipping lovely drinks in such beautiful surroundings!

You get all this for only $50 per person as well (or $25 for the cocktail and the music) - which is outstanding value.

We're keen to return and do this next time!

Sir and Mlady were guests of the InterContinental Hotel. Special thanks to Executive Chef Tamas Pamer for the lovely food and Abigail Murphy - Marketing Manager from InterContinental. Thanks also to Lea and Sophie from Ogilvy Public Relations for arranging our visit.

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