Bondi Pizza
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Piazza Dining Precinct
109-129 Blaxland Rd
Ryde, Sydney

Nothing says Australian like Bondi - a landmark beach with style and great vibes. You’d expect the same from Bondi Pizza - and you wouldn't be disappointed.

Located across Sydney, Bondi Pizza is a quality chain eatery with an upmarket pub vibe. The Duke and Duchess visited the Top Ryde location, nestled in the buzzing piazza, where a busy Friday night created a great atmosphere for our meal.

We were lead to our table by the efficient staff, and felt very Australian with their surf inspired decor - even in Top Ryde, with no beach in sight.

After a long week, we were looking forward to a good feed, and we weren’t disappointed by the fantastic array of food available on the menu.

After ordering some drinks, a Crown Golden Ale and a lemon lime and bitters (they had wine, beer, spirits and much more on offer), we chose the arancini balls and the marinated meatballs for starters.

The arancini balls arrived promptly, and they were piping hot, with a buttery and cheesy texture surrounded in a delicious crispy layer.

The garlic aioli was the perfect addition - these were gone in seconds.

Our appetites whetted, the meatballs arrived and we dug straight in. These meatballs are Wagyu beef and pork, covered in a delicious BBQ glaze. A nice surprise was the flat bread served alongside the BBQ mayo - wrap a meatball in the bread, drowned in sauce, and you’re in for a delectable treat. The Duke described the meatballs as “warm and juicy”.

With so many pizzas on the menu, it was tough to decide which flavours to choose. We opted to try something new, away from our usuals. First was the prosciutto & bocconcini pizza. The base was thin, and with just the right amount of crisp. Beautifully salty cured meats complemented perfectly by the fresh bocconcini boded well with us, and the mango chutney added a touch of pizzazz to the pizza.

Our second pizza (by this time we were feeling quite full!), was the peking duck. Peking duck is one of our favourite dishes, in pancake form or however else you can have it. We just had to try it on a pizza! We loved the simplicity of the elements on the pizza - it tasted just like a peking duck pancake! The duck was cooked well, the cucumber fresh, and the coriander added a nice bite. Hoi sin! So yum!

By this point Duke and Duchess were entering food coma stages, but the dessert menu had the ultimate kryptonite - a dessert share plate! We couldn’t resist. With four elements; the apple crumble pizzette, chocolate brownie swirls, fruit fondue with Belgian chocolate, and a triple chocolate brownie served with Belgian chocolate and ice cream - this was a dessert lover’s paradise. Not a single misfire here - it was delicious. Our favourites were the swirls, so soft, warm and chocolatey. We would go back just for the swirls!

Thanks to Bondi Pizza for a lovely, laid back evening, and to Kate who served us so well on the night.

The food was good and it was all served with a charm and style that makes you want to eagerly go back.

Duke and Duchess, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Bondi Pizza. Special thanks to Courtney Hogan for inviting us.

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