Moo Berry
160 King St
Newtown, Sydney

Moo Berry is another tasty addition to the eating precinct that stretches along King Street in Newtown.

It's an ideal addition too because it provides a nice sweet ending if you've eaten at one of the many spicy places nearby. We were there with D, N and Z after indulging nearby.

You basically choose the size of frozen yoghurt you want and the flavour. Then you choose what extras you want. Mlady chose the deliciously fruity pomegranate with an indulgent  sprinkle of flake. I chose the coconut (even though the salted caramel would have been my next choice) and went the whole hog with a sprinkle of flake and also of gaytime crumbs. It was extremely refreshing.

We also got to taste the churos which is one of the new additions to the menu. They tasted quite nice but they were a lot smaller than others we've had. As a result they weren't as fluffy. The chocolate dipping sauce was nice though and they weren't terrible - just not as good as other places.

All in all it's a great place for frozen yoghurts with some extras thrown in!

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