PappaRich Broadway
Shop 5  185-211 Broadway
Ultimo, Sydney

PappaRich is of course a chain of very popular Malaysian Restaurants that serve a huge variety of dishes at very affordable prices. The biggest challenge at PappaRich is where to start - the menu is an actual book!

They've now spread their wings across Australia with restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth - and who knows where next (but there will be a next for sure!). Their Ultimo restaurant is in a busy part of Sydney - so if you're driving remember to park in the shopping centre next door - it's quicker and more convenient.

We were joined by Baroness A and the hardest thing to deal with was choosing what to eat! We then marked our choices on the ordering slip and pushed the buzzer on our table - the food then came back shortly afterwards. It was that simple!

Malaysian hawker food is so easy to enjoy - it's a whole meal on a plate.

We thought about a traditional char koay teow at first but ended up going with the Pappa Fried Rice Noodles.

What a great combo dish - with so much in it - chicken, prawns, vegetables, noodles and a tasty tangy sauce stirred through it all. If you're hungry and on your own this is also a great meal for one.

The Pappa Special Nasi Lemak with curry chicken and prawn sambal sounded pretty substantial and well worth trying.

It was both of these things!

Again it was huge, with plenty of tender juicy chicken and tangy prawns with a bit of bite. This is another whole meal on a plate - or a great sharing dish for a group.

Have you ever had an entire dish of chicken skin? The chicken skin is usually the most fought over part of the chook - especially if it's crisp. The Pappa deep fried chicken skin is indulgent but so good - we couldn't resist it! It's such a good grazing dish - you just keep going back and picking at it.

We also had some PappaRich juices - tropical lime, apple and finally coconut paradise. They're all big servings too and very refreshing.

We could eat a meal of roti - well Sir could at least! Mlady still loves it but as always is a little bit more restrained. And Sir could and often does just eat roti on its own without any of the trimmings. The roti cannai as expected comes with a variety of sauces to dip into. We do like these sauces - but the roti is also great to soak up the various sauces that come with the other dishes. As expected, we also ordered a few extra servings of just the roti - to keep Sir quiet. 

Not unexpectedly we also ordered a serving of the satay beef. This dish is always a good all-rounder - more so if you love a peanut taste.

This comes in either six or twelve pieces - and for the three of us, with everything else we had, we went with six. The skewers come on a round platter with sides of diced cucumber, diced red onion and of course the satay sauce itself - to add in the quantity you each desire.

Dessert is a must do here - with plenty of variety and quite refreshing and lite too.

We chose one dessert each and surprisingly didn't double up.

The trio selected was sago pudding, egg sago pudding and tau foo fa king with sugar syrup. Of course they were desserts so they were sweet, but not overpoweringly so. They were all great finales to the meal and so nicely presented too.

PappaRich is always popular which isn't surprising as you get good food with something for everyone from their massive menu. The servings are just as big too and at very affordable prices.

PappaRich great for groups or for a meal for one.

Sir and Mlady's visit was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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