Whitefire Grill & Bar
213 Delhi Rd
Chatswood West, Sydney

Whitefire is a lovely restaurant in such a pretty location on the edge of the Lane Cove River opposite Lane Cove River Park. We'd been there for dinner and were now fortunate to be sampling their weekend breakfast.

It was a fine day and we sat outside,  joined by the charming and entertaining Michele Herson from Herson Communication Services. While the main restaurant is of course indoors, there's a beautiful covered outdoor area - perfect for breakfast on weekends, evening drinks or functions - and it's had these uses regularly!

We sat and chatted, watching kayaks go by on the river below. You really get back to nature here. The food is just as memorable from classically French trained owner/chef Nadel who has adapted and created with style across his breakfast, lunch and dinner menu's.

Breakfast juices turned out to be a great way to start so Mlady and Michele had a cranberry juice cocktail with crushed watermelon and pineapple. Sir had a Whitefire sunrise made with orange and lime juice blended with egg and honey. They all looked just as good as they tasted too. Of course we also had great coffees as well - it was breakfast after all!

Mlady chose the blini that came with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs topped with goats cheese and caviar. 

Smoked salmon is so colourful and works well across breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This dish looked great. The splashes of colour, fresh flavours and a huge serving made this a lovely start to the day. Of course the caviar and hollandaise added some richness which also went well.  

Michele had the interesting and unusual hot curry scrambled eggs.

This came with big chunks of spicy sausage and avocado salsa all presented on freshly made naan bread.

It was a great fusion dish and quite unusual for breakfast.

Nadel isn't afraid to innovate and it's worth trying his special creations.

Sir had the breakfast salad made from avocado, roasted tomato, asparagus, rocket and hollandaise and topped with poached eggs. The salad in the title gives it the essence of healthy but this is balanced with the egg and hollandaise adding some richness again. It was a tasty, fresh and filling dish - as they all were. 

Whitfire is lovely at night but also by day with a different atmosphere with the water views even more prominent. It's just so relaxing and peaceful with the added bonus of some great food and drinks. We even saw a possum pass by, highlighting our proximity to getting back to nature. A weekend breakfast or brunch here is just so nice!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Whitefire. Special thanks to owner/chef Nadel. Thanks also to Michele Herson for joining us and also to Chana from Herson Communication Services for arranging our visit.


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