35 Albany St
Crows Nest, Sydney

Ever been to a Brazilian BBQ or churrasco? We hadn't for ages so we jumped at the chance to visit BahBQ at Crows Nest to revisit meat on skewers in all shapes and sizes.

We had of course been warned to bring our appetites as it was going to be a big meal!

The founders of BahBQ grew up in Brazil and learned grilling skills that had been passed down from generation to generation. The word Bah is an expression for astonishment - so BahBQ was named in honour of their amazing barbecue.

Tucked away upstairs on Albany Street in Crows Nest is this spacious restaurant that's open 7 nights a week.

Parking was extremely easy for us and we nabbed a spot almost outside.

It's a popular place for locals, South American ex-pats seeking some home-style food and of course those venturing out to visit or revisit this lovely cuisine.

BahBQ is a sizable place, seating around 100. The whole place also has a great indoor outdoor feel too - very relaxing!

Okay - so there's a lot of meat at BahBQ which really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - based on the name. There are plenty of other choices there too - but most people choose the churasco. So what is a churasco you ask? In simple terms it's kind of like a meat and seafood buffet - but it comes to you with the goodies on these huge skewers. They tell you what it is, and if you want some they slice a chunk off for you. There's a huge variety too - including beef flank, lamb with chimichuri, pork, chicken, pork sausages, spicy chorizo, prawns, ribs etc etc etc - the list goes on and on. Take a look below at some of them.

The meats here are cooked to perfection - it was all so nicely done.

The condiments went perfectly too. At first we just couldn't help diving in to the meats alone, but then we started eating it with the condiments and it was even better.

It's probably best to start with small servings, because that way you still have space for everything else that will arrive.

For dessert you have to try the spiced pineapple - juicy, sweet and refreshing. It's all part of the churasco too. By this stage of the meal, like us, you're probably extremely full - but it's essential to save a little space for this! 

BahBQ is a lovely experience. The food comes to you - and so much of it and all so good. It's a lovely theme - kind of like dinner and a show with the showmanship involved in how it is served. 

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of BahBQ. Special thanks to Marcelo, Rafaelo, Maurico for looking after us so well and a big thank you to Rafaela for arranging our visit.

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