Shop 2185A, Zone G
Westfield Parramatta, 159-175 Church St
Parramatta, Sydney

Mlady and her friend Madame C decided to have a relaxing lunch and went to the ever popular Papparich.We did not book and did not need to and as there were just the two of us it was easy to grab a table. Although there was outside seating - we decided to eat inside.

Those who have been to Papparich know of the novelty value in selecting your delicious meal and writing it's corresponding number on the writing pad provided. Once you have made all your selections you press the buzzer - which is located on the container housing your cutlery and a wait staff will come to collect your order - very easy! Make sure that if you are sharing a meal - to ask for plates.

Madame C is also a great fan of Roti Canai so naturally we ordered this. We had the wonderfully fluffy and slightly crispy Roti with the vegetable sambal, curry sauce and dhal. We were hard pressed  in choosing our favourite sauce with this. We both like "hot and spicy" - surprise surprise (not) so the curry won by a nose. This is a great way to serve the Roti. You can also just have the Roti plain - by itself.

Satay is a favourite of Mlady, and Madame C is quite partial to it as well, so we decided to have the mixed satay. This consisted of 3 sticks of chicken - very tasty - and 3 sticks of beef - again very tasty. We scooped the lovely peanut sauce over our chicken and beef sticks. The accompanying fresh chunks of cucumber combined well and we also "dunked" these in the peanut sauce!

When deciding on what to drink - and there is such a huge variety at Papparich that you really are spoiled for choice. We actually both chose the Lychee soda.  This was so refreshing  and we stirred the straw around to enhance all the flavours there. It is a sweet drink but once all stirred and lifting the lychee's up to eat with the straw - made for a really nice beverage. Would certainly have this again!

The Beef Rendang was beef pieces slow cooked in a braise of traditional herbs, spices, coconut milk and fragrant herb leaves. This was a tasty dish with good flavours and the Beef certainly was nice and tender. The sauce with this dish was great too.

We had a serving of the prawn dumplings. They arrived with a tangy sauce that was not too hot. The dumplings were plump and juicy and we enjoyed these.

Mlady is quite fanatical with Char Kuay Teow and Madame C was also happy to order this. They are wok fried noodles (yum) with prawns fish cakes, egg, bean sprouts and chives. This is a mildly spicy dish. This wonderfully flavoursome dish has become quite a staple with Mlady. Choosing this Pappa Char Kuay Teow was a certainty to be ordered.

The atmosphere at Papparich is comfortable and relaxed. It certainly is popular and we can understand why. The food arrives quickly, is fresh with great flavours and the choices for everything are huge. Papparich is situated in Parramatta in a great location - across from the railway station and the hustle and bustle of busy Parramatta. It is a place that we would recommend and certainly visit again.

Mlady and Madame C's visit to Papparich Parramatta was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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