Jimmy's Recipe
500 George St
Sydney CBD

Jimmy's Recipe is a deceptively large Malaysian restaurant in a busy p[art of Sydney's CBD inside The Galleries that flows from George St through to Pitt St. It's actually  closer to Pitt St even though the official address of the building shows as George St. At first glance it seems like it only does take away with only a few outside tables visible - but look closer as there are two inside areas on either side of the front counter.

The first thing to do here is grab a table - they go quickly. Then decide what to order and whether you're sharing or having individual meals. We shared and they gave us extra plates. Orders are made and served immediately at the front servery counter - and paid for then too (cash only). The food is prepared freshly each day so don't fret.

Being open 7 days a week is an added bonus but they fill up quickly on week days from nearby workers and on the weekend from shoppers.

There were four of us sharing on this occasion so we had plenty of variety for lunch - the perfect way to dine! We of course grabbed a serving of Chow Kway Teow - fried flat rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts and choy sum. It was a tasty dish, not heavy with sauce and a big serving too. We also had to have roti - four servings as there were four of us. This was extremely good roti - we all agreed on this and were still talking about this after we had finished lunch. It was very flaky and had great flavours too.

Sir loves beef rendang and as this was available it was a must. Dishes here are basically served as a meal for one - that is they serve the curries with rice on the same plate. It's still easy to share though. There was plenty of beef on the plate and it was slow cooked and very tender. Plenty of their rich sauce was served too - soaking into the rice and adding so much flavour to the entire plate. We also had a plate of Kapitan chicken - chicken (you can also get beef) slow cooked with onion, garlic, fresh chilli, tumeric, candle nut, lemon grass, coconut and lime leaves. Again it was a tasty curry.

A serving of chicken curry certainly hit the spot and for some in our group was the dish of the day.

The chicken was slow cooked with a mixture of herbs, fresh chilli paste, tumeric, coriander, lemon grass and coconut cream.

The rich curry paste was certainly very tasty with full flavours and a light kick to it.

The chicken meat was of course slow cooked and therefore extremely tender.

As with every other dish we had at Jimmy's Recipe the serving size was good.

The satay chicken skewers we had were huge. We ordered one each again - a couple of these would certainly fill you for lunch.

Jimmy's Recipe is a very casual place - but it's popular for very good reasons - the food is good, it comes in big servings and it's very reasonably priced. We left very full and satisfied.

Sir and Mlady's visit was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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