The Annandale Hotel (Breakfast)
17 Parramatta Rd
Annandale, Sydney

The recent relaunch of the historic and iconic Annandale Hotel by the gang at Oscars Hotels was more than just a pub opening.

The Annandale is also open for breakfast - and it's not the typical old fashioned plain pub breakfast you get here. Far from it in fact.

It does have the great value that people have come to expect from pub breakfasts though and the huge servings.

If you wander through the main front part of the hotel you come to a lovely oasis at the back that is bright, airy, and extremely pleasant. It has a louvred roof letting in light and air and opening the whole place up even more. The use of timber and heritage materials adds even more to the charm.

First things first for any breakfast - or brunch in this case.


We needed it badly and it came quickly.

You order at the front counter and it arrives soon afterwards - hot, steamy and very tasty too! The mix and match cups and saucers are nice too - very casual.

Our first dish was the Fruit N Muesli Bucket - which understated what you would get by simply saying it came with honey yoghurt and toasted almonds. What arrived was so much more impressive than we actually expected!

A longish wooden board arrived laden with goodies including a jug of milk, a dish of yoghurt and another with honey.

The muesli though was the unique part - served in a large jar with a juicer on top and half an orange. You then use the juicer to drizzle freshly squeezed orange juice into the very full pile of muesli below it! Then remove the lid and add the extras - milk, yoghurt and honey - to taste.

It was fresh, tasty, different and fun - all in one - and affordable! This was a great concept and nicely presented. 

Oh wow - they have some great treats for brekkie at The Annandale too! The waffles we had were amazing - colourful, fluffy and light, with decadent combinations on top that had you drooling before they had even arrived. Then your eyes bulged as you saw what you got! You create the combination too - choose your waffle type, topping, sauce and ice cream. We had plain waffles with strawberries, strawberry jam and peanut ice cream - oink. It was so delish though.

Then it was time for something a bit more traditional for brekkie - eggs - but again with a big twist.

The baked eggs arrive in their own individual cast iron pan served with a great combo of cornbeef hash, caramelised onions, bacon, tomato and Comte cheese. This was seriously good - even for Sir who wasn't sure about the cornbeef hash when ordering. After tasting it though he was a convert.

We've all had hash brown for breakfast - often at fast food places as a side serving. Here at The Annandale the hash browns come in a bucket. We both thought this was just a phrase when ordering - who gets a whole bucket of hash browns anyway - and nobody sells these for just five buck! Well they do here and they're good too - nice and crisp on the outside, fluffy inside and soooo many of them! They come plain, with chilli cheese or chilli cheese and bacon. We had the chilli cheese which went really well.

The Annandale Hotel for breakfast? Really? Yes, yes, yes. It's creative, it's affordable, it's large servings and it's fun. All this in very pleasant surroundings! What more could you ask for?

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Annandale Hotel and the Oscars Hotels. Special thanks to Steph and Mo for looking after us so well and explaining everything to us. A big thanks also to Eli West of Oscars Hotels for inviting us.

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