Marble Bar
(Basement Level of Sydney Hilton Hotel)
488 George St
Sydey CBD

The iconic Marble Bar under the Hilton Hotel Sydney is back! It's as beautiful, dark, mysterious and captivating as you'd expect - its 1893 heritage beautifully evident. This place has so much charm and atmosphere - it's so unique - almost catacomb-like. It reminded Mlady of the classic and classy Gold Room in The Shining.

We were there for the re-launch of The Marble Bar and it was done in style! They even had a shoe shine stand in the downstairs foyer - very appropriate to its time period feel.

There were signature cocktails freely flowing and canapes endlessly being delivered on platters by helpful staff there.

We of course had live music to entertain the masses with a lively performance from The Dominoes.

We started with a lovely peach puree and champagne drink. Then cocktails - some on offer were the Vesper Martini (vodka and gin based), the Charlie Chaplin (Sloe gin, lime and apricot brandy), an Old Fashioned and a vodka based Moscow Mule. They have other drinks of course - Mlady tried the scotch - a tasty Starward from Victoria and a Springbank 12 year old single malt from Scotland. Sir had an impressive 21year old El Dorado rum from Guyana.

The Marble Bar is elegant and magnificent from the moment you enter it's moody depths. The classic ceilings, the spectacular bar and marble everywhere of course instantly impresses. It's like a secret old world and a perfect place for a drink, or, if you're captivated as we were and can't leave, an entire evening.

Sir and Mlady were guests of The Hilton and The Marble Bar. Special thanks to Rachel Cameron of Sally Burleigh PR for inviting us.

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