The Arisaig Tea Rooms
The Readers Digest Building
26 Waterloo St
Surry Hills, Sydney

Ever been to Scotland - lovely place. Well you can get a taste of Scotland here at The Arisaig Tea Rooms but with a modern twist. They have a core of Scottish dishes but with plenty of other options and even some variations on the originals. The Scott's in Sydney actually go here - it's not a themed place - it's the real deal.
It's a little tucked away - but worth finding. They even had live music the night we were there.

Their chef, Ben Fresser, is so creative. We had eaten his delicious creative food before at another venue and were so keen to sample his latest creations. They certainly lived up to our expectations as well.

If you've never had haggis then this may be the easiest way to have that introduction. On the other hand, if you have had it, this may still be the best way to get you to try it again!!!

The haggis sliders were haggis in breadcrumbs served on a bap with slaw and jalapeno sauce. They were big for sliders as well and very filling but oh so tasty. Don't be put off - do yourself a flavour - try one!

Scallops are so popular as a starter - and why not. Done well they tease the palate without overly filling you for what lies ahead.

The seared sea scallops here interestingly came served on rounds of black pudding with a drizzle of jalapeno salsa surrounding them.

They looked spectacular - plating is another highlight here.
Mlady grew up with Scotch eggs so she was delighted to see it on the menu here.

The Scotch eggs were described in the menu as egg wrapped in square sausage with chestnut, apple and micro herb salad.

Cutting into the sausage outer layer revealed the egg inside. The whole combination was packed with flavour and the fresh salad offset it all nicely.

This is a bar too so there are plenty of drink options - it is Scottish after all! There are the usual range of beers and spirits here but the thing that caught our eye's were the "teapots". Yes - teapots - the drinks really do come in them - and they're huge as well, not little teapots at all! We chose the Long Leaf Tea Vodka Orange - made from long leaf tea vodka, orange rind, cointreau, dry ginger and cranberry juice. It not only tasted great it looked good and lasted for ages.

Mlady is often caught by pies on menu's - she loves them.

Well Arisaig has its own pie version - the Arisaig steak and ale pie.

It's another hefty meal that comes with an upside down pie topped with mashed potato and served with a side of steamed vegetables and a generous pour of red wine jus. It was tasty and hearty and she devoured it.

As Mlady isn't a lamb eater and I love it I tend to have it quite often when we are out - mainly because we don't have it at home very often. The rosemary and garlic infused lamb rump with candied sweet potato, quinoa, balsamic roasted baby beetroot and mint jus sounded great. The lamb was beautifully cooked - so tender with nice juicy pink meat in a pile mixed with the other ingredients. It was, surprise surprise, huge again.
Chef Ben Fresser is well known for a variety of dishes, but one of his signature dishes is his chocolate fondant. Its reputation is well deserved too - it's a killer dessert.

The rich thick chocolate fondant reveals a runny  gooey interior once you cut into it. It all comes served with fresh strawberries and vanilla cream and it's a delicious finale to any meal and a favourite of ours.

What is cranachen you ask? Well it's an old Scottish dessert made from a mixture of whisky, cream, honey and oats.

Arisaig has a raspberry cranachen on the menu that comes served with candied toasted oats fresh raspberries and sweetened cream.

It comes served in a cocktail glass and it tasted just as good as it looked.

The Arisaig Tea Room isn't on Crown street so you may have to work a little bit harder to find it - but it's worth it. The place has a relaxed homey feel to it. Yes there are a few Scottish adornments, but it's not done in a cheesy way. It's a comfortable place with some really great food waiting for you to try it!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Arisaig. Special thanks to owner Jamie, to Luke and a big thanks to Chef Ben Fresser.

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