Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food
760 George St
Haymarket, Sydney

Petaling Street is a busy place. There's a narrow corridor from the doorway down past the kitchen area to the dining space at the rear but you are politely welcomed and lead through if dining in.

I was getting take away this time and you simply place your order at the entrance and wait the short while till your meal is ready. They do also tell you if certain dishes are going to take longer to prepare which is a good thing if your in a rush.

It's important to note that it's cash only here too. 

I really wanted to try their roti - not just because it looked good but because I love roti as well!

However on this occasion it was going to take longer than I had available so I chose the Malaysian Hawker Style Dry Egg Noodle with roast chicken.

I received a generous serving of chicken and another large serving of noodles and vegetables. A small dish of ginger and chilli was also provided. It was a substantial meal and the chicken was also very tender. At only $10.80 it was also good value.

I quite liked the whole thing but I'm still keen to go back and see what their roti is like!

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