168 Victoria Ave
Chatswood, Sydney

There's more to inSeason than meets the eye - it's popularity, good food and friendly service has allowed it to grow and expand - in a clever way.

From its origins as a deli and gourmet take away meal oasis its cafe side grew so much it took over the place.

Now its a busy cafe for breakfast and lunch, a restaurant for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday and soon it will have a wine bar and tapas upstairs!

Lets face it, good coffee is pretty important for a cafe - and the coffee here is actually very good. It's from Genovese - a family business that also involves a tasting panel of family members before any blend is approved.

One of the specialties of the house at inSeason is the egg and bacon roll. Yes I know we've all had an egg and bacon roll before but this one has a few surprises that give it an edge. Inside the roll is a chorizo and feta omelette, baby spinach and Tasmanian tomato chutney - which you can actually buy by the jar there as well. Delicious! The whole combination is great. Chorizo and feta are a great mix and the omelette was light and fluffy. The chutney is a real winner too - plenty of people leave with a jar of it!

Mlady had scrambled organic eggs with toast and rocket salad. It had great colours and flavours. She hadn't had scrambled eggs in a while and said it was worth the wait!

If you're in or near Chatswood it's certainly worth visiting inSeason for breakfast or lunch (and don't forget they serve dinner here too). The food is fresh and tasty and the service is friendly and efficient. It's a great place that has grown for all the right reasons!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of inSeason and its owner Carolyn McArthur. Many thanks to Craig for the great service as well - its a great team here! One is even a contestant on The Voice - Anna Weatherup - and it's great to see inSeason supporting her. 

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