The Ternary
(inside Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour)
100 Murray St
Pyrmont, Sydney

The Ternary has parking underneath and it's also just across Pyrmont Bridge so access is extremely easy. Using the escalators to reach it - what strikes you is so impressive. It has a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere and the decor is light, modern and with awesome views of Sydney. Such a prime position!

Seeing the sights during daylight is spectacular and as the sun starts to set, the night time views of the city landscape with it's twinkling lights is absolutely magnificent. It really was relaxing, sitting there soaking up the wonderful views whilst enjoying a fabulous meal. You can even sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite beverage in their comfortable lounge area. The bar area too, is also great to have a drink or two.

What also strikes you as you enter The Ternary is just how spacious the area is with their wonderful displays and also the openness of the kitchens - you can see everything. It has a true open kitchen. They have a Wine and Cheese Bar, an Asian Kitchen (with tandoor oven) and a Grill Kitchen (Western food). These three things all combine well  and you can select something from each of them to make up your delicious meal or just stay with one theme - the choice is endless.

Sir & Mlady both started the evening with a refreshing rose. Mlady prefers her rose a tad more sweeter than Sir, as his tastes can pretty much handle any variety of drink.

We had the smoked yoghurt, green mango relish with Naan bread which was served attractively on a bread board. The Naan was steaming hot - and oh so good. Anything with mango - Mlady loves, so the green mango relish was a winner. The combination with the smoked yoghurt went incredibly well with the yummy hot Naan. This was a lovely start.

 Next was the house smoked flaked salmon, betel leaves, salmon pearls, nam jim dressing with fried shallots and half a lime wedge to squeeze on it all. This was such a divine dish. Sir and Mlady are quite partial to betel leaves and you can combine so much with these. This combination was fresh, flavoursome and pretty and we loved the different textures.
The soft shell crab followed with Indian spices, orange and saffron aioli. Well - again we both love our soft shell crab and Sir even commented with "Oh that is so good - this is beautiful". This was a really good dish. Fresh, crisp with a slight kick - not overpowering - just right with everything complimenting one another.

We then devoured the beef, slow cooked for 14 hours in master stock, pulled, mixed with coriander and water chestnut then wrapped in Thai pepper paste and crispy tusian  pasty with tamarid jam. This was a very tasty and artistic dish. The crispy tusian pasty was true to it's name. It was incredibly crispy  and not at all heavy and was an excellent combination with the 14 hour slow cooked beef. It was such a shame to eat it as it was truly a spectacular dish - from it's presentation to eating  - but we did and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Time for more seafood and it was had the prawn curry, coconut flavoured sauce and spices, basmati rice, cardamom and bay leaves.

This was light, fragrant and had a good kick. It was also fresh and vibrant. The basmati rice was so perfect with this dish - as was not a heavy type rice.

The sauce was great tasting and we loved the crispness of the capsicum.

Next was the scotch fillet with spinach and potato slivers. The scotch fillet was cooked just how Sir likes it. It was beautifully medium rare and was a lovely cut of meat - and cooked to perfection. 

Another glass of red came along too and he was a happy chappie! 

We then had the chicken surprise. 85 degrees cooked sous vide with pepper consomme, red wine jus and mushroom. This was incredibly juicy and tender and everything went so well together. Mlady loves a good tasty, tender, juicy chicken dish and this one ticked all the boxes and was also very appetisingly presented.

For dessert we had the dark chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet. There were also freeze dried raspberries. The dessert stood out wonderfully on the lovely  slate. The slate was like a canvas for the vibrant colours. Mlady being a "chocoholic" simply loved this - it was delicious. Raspberries and dark chocolate are a good combination that work well together.

We also had the mango crème brulee with popping candy on top served with mango sorbet. There was some fresh mango as well - yummo! This was a very refreshing dessert and the popping candy was an innovative addition. This was a fun but also a very enjoyable dessert.

Sir also sipped on a tasty dessert wine - a 2012 Frogmore Creek from Tasmania and a winery we've visited previously and enjoyed.

Executive Chef Anthony Flowers
The ternary is a quality place. It is inside a big hotel, but it's a restaurant you should visit and revisit. It has something for everyone and the service and decor were so impressive, as were the city light views.

We would like to thank Eric, Malin, Savanna, Josh and chef  Ken for looking after us. We would also like to thank Chef Robin Rana for taking time out to talk to us. A very special thank you to Executive Chef Anthony Flowers for looking after us and for taking time out from his busy schedule to sit down with us and explain his wonderful vision and each of the dishes.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Ternary, Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour and Accor. Special thanks to Scott Smith of Accor and Rachel Cameron of The Society Group.

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