The Wolf
37 Bligh St
Sydney CBD

The Wolf is a cosy lair that seats 60 and offers a great selection of cocktails and wines that go well with their tasty food offerings.

Kitchen maestro Peter Vavaressos always offers great food - think his other places, Contrabando and Barrafina.

The Wolf has a nice vibe and on a Friday from 5-7 it is Happy Hour. Being a  Friday there were plenty of people enjoying themselves, relaxing and having a good time. Friday for a lot of people is the start of the weekend and coming to The Wolf and indulging yourself in their tasty meals would certainly be a good start to any weekend.

Mlady started with a very nice Sangiovese - Santa Cristina. Mlady loves her reds and this was a good drop.

Sir had a cocktail that was created by Gloria. This was wonderful drink that had Ela's Amaretto, Tequila, Disaronno, freshly squeezed lemon, green apple juice and lemon syrup. This was a great drink to start Sir's evening.

Sir's second drink was a very nice Tempranillo - Running with Bulls. Sir certainly enjoyed this drop too.

We started with an antipasto (we do so love these). This one was appetisingly presented on a wooden bread board and included anchovies, mozzarella, olive oil, feta, eggplant dip, prosciutto, olives, artichokes and house dried tomatoes. This was fresh and flavoursome and the feta was incredibly light - lovely. The mozzarella with the basil was such a great taste sensation.

Oh the anchovies were so nice too! All these yummy treats were accompanied with a nice crisp bread.  This antipasto is a must have!

We also devoured the tuna ceviche which sat on avocado puree. There was also crisp bread and we used this to scoop up this lovely raw tuna and avocado - yummo. This was such a refreshing and very tasty dish. Sir is a big fan of ceviche and he thoroughly enjoyed this. The avocado - which we both love - combined really well with the fresh coolness of the tuna.

We then had another favourite of ours - the Zucchini flowers. Oh aren't these nice - and popular too. This had a prawn filling and the lovely swipe of mayonnaise that was there had a really nice flavour of it's own - we devoured it. Such a simple dish but oh so tasty. It was presented on a black plate - enhancing the wonderful green colour.
We then moved on to the Halloumi. This came grilled with honey and lemon. Now, some Halloumi can be a bit rubbery but this Halloumi was cooked to perfection. This would have to be one of the best Halloumi's  Mlady had ever tasted. The honey and the drizzling of the lemon enhanced the flavour and the texture was just amazing.

We were then served calamari and quinoa salad with chilli on top. How amazing is quinoa! This was a truly amazing salad. Team this with another wonderful choice - calamari - and you have a winner. The flavours were incredibly fresh and ever so tasty and the chilli gave it an added "oomph". This was one our favourite dishes of the night. This dish is also a "must have".

We completed our food odyssey with the pork belly with scallops on top on a lovely carrot puree.

This was so cutely presented and the green garnish just completed it perfectly. It was beautifully cooked pork belly with nicely seared scallops.

It was a novel spin on "surf n turf" that was delicious.

The food at The Wolf is great for sharing and is very fresh and so flavoursome. Thank you to Mon, Gloria and Elli for looking after us on the night. A very special thank you to Peter Vavaressos for taking time out from his busy schedule to chat and spend some time with us.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Wolf. Big thanks to Carly "Frankie" Franklin of The Press Site for this invitation.

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