Movida @ The Airport
T2 Sydney Domestic Airport
Airport Drive, Sydney

When wandering through Sydney Domestic Airport in Terminal 2 recently at a horribly early hour, and in desperate need of at least a coffee, it was interesting to spy the very familiar Movida name way off in the distance.

It's not in the main food hall area and knowing Movida well (having eaten in all three Melbourne venues) it seemed unlikely that it would be open.

How wrong was that assumption!

It was doing a busy trade in dine in breakfasts and it was even busier selling take away food and coffee.

It was almost a pity to simply stop there for a quick coffee - knowing how great their lunch and dinner food offerings were. Nevertheless, that was the need at this early time. The coffee was good, made quickly and hit the spot. The breakfast offerings, although not tried this time, were more traditional than the lunch and dinner fare at most Movida's - but this was an airport. It was good though to see a name like Movida at the airport satisfying the morning cravings of weary travellers!

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