Noodle & Dumpling on Westpoint
Level 4, Westpoint Shopping Centre
Blacktown, Sydney

Mlady and The Baroness felt like having some noodles for dinner so we decided to try Noodle & Dumpling on Westpoint.

Mlady had often passed this place whilst shopping and liked what she'd seen. She decided it was the time to try it out.

Situated on level 4 - same level as the cinemas. You can sit either inside or outside and there are those lovely heaters outside to keep you nice and warm.

The choices here are varied. You can create your own or just choose from the diverse menu.

You can go with the following (creating your own) -
Step 1: Choose Noodle style,
Step 2: Choose Noodle soup.
Step 3 : Choose Ingredients.

The decision to choose was difficult - What to have?
They have great choices and also being able to create your own combination is a good idea.

Mlady decided this time to not to create her own but chose from the menu.

She saw the Wonton Noodle soup and this really appealed to my taste buds. This really was a fresh and flavoursome dish. She really enjoyed the taste of the Wontons which had a meat filling. She was not entirely sure what the exact flavour was but they were really good. There were plenty of noodles too! She also loved the greens that surrounded the Wontons - she does love her greens. The serving was generous too.

The Baroness chose Pad Thai - chicken and prawn. This really was an exceptional Pad Thai and her empty plate was testament to this! She is quite partial to prawns and this dish had them aplenty. Again it had great flavours and was a generous serving.

The Baroness also ordered a serve of Vegetarian Dumplings (6). These were filled and bulging with vegetables. They looked so good that Mlady just  had to try one. These really were very yummy.

We noticed too that tables were filling up. It was obvious that this place was popular. We can see why. The food here is certainly fresh, mouth watering and generously served. We will definitely be back.

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