The Angry Pirate
125 Redfern St
Redfern, Sydney

You're certainly not going to forget a name like The Angry Pirate. It's rated ahhhhr - sorry - we just couldn't resist saying that!

It kind of stands out as a memorable one - and the place that goes by this name is just the same.

It's a small bar in Redfern that has some great specialty drinks but also offers some really great house made pizza's too.

It's clearly a quirky place - adorned with seafaring artefacts and all sorts of interesting bits and pieces around the place.

There's plenty to look at, but after you try their drinks and food it won't be the only things you find memorable!

Everyone starts off with the same thing here - the seasoned popcorn.

It just arrives at the table free of charge. It's nice to see some places still giving customers some snacks to have when they stop by for a drink.

We decided to just have a nibble on it - but after our second bowl we realised that this stuff was tastily addictive! Other tables nearby were going through the same experience too.

We actually started our drinking with a tankard of mulled scrumpy. This is a traditional old English drink that's been cleverly adapted here. They start with Custard & Co Scrumpy cider and mix in maple syrup and spices. It's then served warm in an Angry Pirate mug. The taste reminded Mlady of a nice Christmas pudding with custard!

The next drinks were just as memorable. We had a bacon and maple Old Fashioned. It had house made bacon bourbon stirred with Angry Pirate bitters and maple syrup. It was all topped with a chunk of maple cured bacon creating a memorable drink. We then had another great tipple - rum and freshly squeezed apple juice. It combined so well creating a fresh yet spirited drink.   

They do pizza here. It's pretty much all they do and they do it well.

We started with a Cour Valant - made from pancetta and porcini mushrooms on a great base slathered with San Marzano tomatoes and all topped with mozzarella drizzled with truffle oil. This was a great pizza. The earthiness of the mushrooms and truffle oil combined so well.

Our second pizza was interestingly called Adventure Galley. All the pizza's here have great names.

It was made from prosciutto, chevre and mozzarella with San Marzano tomatoes and all topped with fresh rocket after cooking.

Again it was a great pizza that we very eagerly devoured.

The Angry Pirate is a great place to drop in for a drink and one that you won't forget in a hurry. It has real atmosphere.

The decor is memorable, the drinks and food are both great and it has some awesome music playing.

It's a small place but it's somewhere to settle in for an evening and just chill and enjoy yourself.

Sir and Mlady dined (and drank) as guests of The Angry Pirate. Special thanks to Pete for his hospitality and also to Alice for looking after us. Thanks also to Beth Manche from Hooked Marketing and Creative for arranging our visit.

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