Ramen Zundo
Shop 1030 World Square
644 George St
Sydney CBD

Ramen Zundo is the hugely popular provider of a variety of tasty and hearty meals inside one of the many laneways that form part of World Square in the CBD.

A lot of places in the area are popular, but this one almost always has a long queue snaking its way out the entrance and into the bustling laneway outside.

Ramen Zundo does serve take away and churns through plenty of meals this way, but they also have inside and outside seating at their restaurant as well. Service is efficient and fast so don't let the queue scare you.

In case you didn't know, Ramen is a hearty, rich noodle soup that is usually made from a meat based broth. Pork is very commonly used and this was the order for today. Whilst it comes in the one bowl for those dining in, you get the base and the broth is separate bowls for take away. You then simply add the broth when you're ready to eat. It's a big meal for a big appetite and perfect for a cold day.

You end up with a big bowl of steaming soup filled with noodles, cabbage and several slices of meat (pork in this case).

It's certainly not something to get unless you're quite hungry as it's big.

Because this place is so popular it's very busy.

If you're planning to go on a weekday at lunch time you are probably best advised to get there either early or late - otherwise join the queue which does move pretty quickly.

It's worth visiting though. The Ramen is delicious and people travel to get it.

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