Penang Cuisine
32/74-76 Rawson St
Epping, Sydney

On a cold night when you just want to stay at home, chill out (but not chill) and relax, you can do a lot worse than having a nice meal of take away Malaysian.

We decided to do just that and finally try the popular Penang Cuisine in Epping.

It's a small place that has gained a reputation for good food at good prices - so if it lived up to its reputation it would certainly ticked some important boxes for us straight away.

The menu is Malaysian but they also have some Cantonese dishes as well.

So what to start with?

Easy - we grabbed a serving of curry puffs - perfect for the cold night.

They were made from braised onions, meat and potatoes belnded with curry and all encases in a crisp pastry.

We also had some old favourites - satay chicken skewers and lohbak (or Malaysian sausage rolls as we call them).

These were both great with the skewers being really tender with a great satay sauce and the lobak having great flavours.

Finally, our fourth starter (yes we were being a bit piggy) was the spicy fried chicken wings. We loved these. The skin was beautifully crisp, the flavours great and the chicken underneath nice and tender. It was a good serving too - and they all disappeared very fast!

Then it was time for main courses. We chose a lovely prawn curry that had a heap of prawns and potato all swimming in a great creamy coconut curry. We loved it.

A serve of mee goreng was aother nice addition. This traditional favourite consisted of stir fried yellow noodlesmixed with seafood, chicken, beancurd, egg and vegetables all in a tangy sauce. It's a combination dish that makes a great side or whole meal.

We decided to add a dish that certainly wasn't traditional Malaysian - honey chicken.

This turned out to be popular too as it was a big serving and the meat was extremely tender.

Curries need rice and we decided on a serving of nasi goreng - a traditional Malaysian fried rice that had prawns, chicken, ham, egg and sambal. It's a great combination fried rice that goes well with everything.

 Finally we had something a bit meatier - some beef rendang. We almost always choose this dish - it's a favourite and a great way to compare restaurant styles. The meat chunks in this were extremely tender and the curry was rich and full of flavour. We'd certainly order this again from here!

We also had plenty of roti - but then again we always do!

The verdict - Penang Cuisine lived up to it's reputation for good food in good sized servings and at very decent prices. It's hard to fault a place that has all this.

Sir and Mlady's visit to Penang Cuisine was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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