15 Bayswater Rd
Potts Point, Sydney

Kazbah Potts Point, or Kazbah Souk, is a hidden treasure in Sydney's famous and ever changing Kings Cross or Potts Point area. Once a place full of nightclubs and bars, this area is now sprawling with restaurants, chic bars, and is quickly becoming a popular food hub. Although the name Kazbah is well known in Sydney, Kazbah Potts Point is a new addition to the Kazbah Group. We arrived at 15 Bayswater Road and after going down some steps a very impressive floor space was revealed. As soon as you walk in the foyer you will find Kazbah Bakery, boasting some traditional Middle Eastern sweets and, further in, a stylish restaurant space. Staff greeted us upon arrival and we were offered a drink in the exclusive bar lounge which is tucked away behind the restaurant - what a beautiful and intimate space!

We had never seen a cocktail served with a macaron before but this vodka cocktail called Poussin was amazing and the macaron was totally delicious. Great suggestion from the bartender! The Pomegranate Mojito was a great twist on a classic cocktail and very refreshing. By the time we finished our cocktails, our table was ready so we moved on to a glass of 2013 Petirrojo Carmenere a lovely wine from South America - Chile in fact - while we studied the menu.

Our waiter Peter asked us if we needed any help with the menu and we were so impressed with his knowledge that we decided to let him recommend a selection of dishes for us.

We love figs so agreeing to the Fig Salad wasn't a hard task and it was a smart one too because it was spectacular. The creamy feta and peppery rocket brought out the freshness of the figs so well, it was a great starter for the evening.

Next up, some Octopus. This one was perfectly cooked and the lemon balm mashed potato was so tasty, we were scraping it off the plate. The crispy fried green leaves were like chips, only crunchier.

Numerous eateries offer a citrus cured Atlantic salmon but the pomegranate citrus salad served with the one here at Kazbah Potts Point is a taste sensation. The vanilla cherry tomatoes added a surprising hint of sweetness too.

The crispy fried baby Barramundi here at Kazbah is exactly that - Crispy - and we like crispy!

The tahini cream with garlic parsley was a smooth and creamy addition that went so well with the crispy fish.

We previously didn't realise we liked tahini so much. However, after trying it here it's a must eat from now on as long as it tastes this good all the time!

Peter also recommended we try the char grilled sardine fillets with chilli, parsley, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. We certainly didn't regret that decision. The chilli added a hint of spiciness to a classic dish like sardines. We were very impressed! Next we tried a smoked duck breast like never before. It was served with a fresh pomegranate dressing that made it taste slightly tangy but very fresh. The accompanying sweet potato chips were light and crunchy.

Our waiter let us know our main dish would be about 10 minutes so we took the opportunity to explore the deli-like shopping area and admire the stylish decor (perfect timing as we needed a short break from all that delicious food). We bumped into head chef Quim Hernandez on the floor and we were fortunate enough to say hello and have a quick chat. Quim (El Bulli trained) talked to us about the menu and his Mediterranean take on Kazbah's more traditional Arabic cuisine. We certainly love the menu.

As we said goodbye to Quim, our main dish arrived.

The Casablanca Royale - a tagine with slow cooked lamb shoulder covered in orange blossom sauce, harrisa yoghurt and preserved lemon - is something we will not forget very easily.

The perfectly slow cooked lamb fell away from the bone effortlessly, and was served with fluffy and well seasoned couscous.

Our dessert was just as impressive. 

The Chocolate Bunyols had a creamy chocolate ganache centre that oozed once you pierced them and the cinnamon ice cream can only be described as great. 

We had never had cinnamon ice cream before and we have to say, it was delicious. What a great flavour with ice cream - who would have thought!

Our dessert was teamed with a spectacular 2011 Vidal Ice Wine from the Niagara Peninsular in Canada. Kazbah has a very impressive wine list overseen by talented sommelier Stuart. We also tried their Turkish coffee which was served with house made Turkish Delight.

By the end of the night we were very full but our experience at Kazbah Potts Point was nothing short of amazing. The food is outstanding  and the service is excellent - everything you would expect from a venue associated with the Kazbah group. Kazbah Potts Point is open Wednesday to Sunday for dinner, Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. Kazbah bakery is open 7 days a week from 6am.

We certainly will be back.

The Counts, who are now doing reviews for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Kazbah. Special thanks to owners Zahi and Penny Azzi. Big thanks also to Daniella Leona for arranging this visit.

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