Malay Inn
Shop 8/27-33 Oaks Ave
Dee Why, Sydney

The Malay Inn is a little hard to find - tucked away down an arcade in Dee Why. It's a fairly down to earth place too - not fancy or fine dining but offering big servings of good quality food at very affordable prices. It's a real bargain. It's well known to locals and worth the visit if you're travelling in the area or nearby.

If you're after Malaysian street food, or hawker food, then mee goreng is probably going to be on your list.

The mee goreng here at Malay Inn is decscribed in their menu as Malaysian hawker style egg noodle cooked with chicken, prawn, fish cake, vegetables and special sauce. It's a whole meal in itself with a great mix of textures, meats, noodles, vegetables and flavours.

Nasi Goreng is another equally popular dish. Traditional fried rice is wok tossed with chicken, fish cake, prawn, vegetables and homemade "sambal" sauce and it is all topped with a fried egg. It was another huge and hearty dish.

We also had some tender and tasty satay skewers. This dish was chicken skewers marinated with Malay spices and served with plenty of homemade roasted peanut sauce.

One of our favourite Malay dishes is beef rendang. It's always been a winner for us where ever we go.

It is a traditional beef curry cooked at Malay Inn with homemade spices and served with flavoured dough or rice - we obviously had the rice.

The big chunks of beef were so tender they almost dissolved when cut. The rich curry was also delicious.

The best known Malaysian hawker dish, or at least within Australia, is almost certainly kwai tiew.

Kwai tiew at Malay Inn is Malaysian flat rice noodles wok tossed with chicken, prawn, egg, vegetables and homemade sauce.

These Malay dishes are perfect to share with a group and equally good as a full wholesome and tasty meal for one. You can't go wrong either way.

We really love roti whenever we go Malaysian! It's an essential part of our meal every time - and often the first thing ordered. Sometimes we simply order it as is, while at other times we do have the sauces to dip it into or a curry with it. This time we had the best of both worlds. We ordered roti with curry and we also ordered extra on its own. We were surprised at how good the roti in this small place actually was - it was great.

The chicken curry wasn't our first choice but it looked so good on the menu - which fortunately had pictures of most of the dishes - we just had to get it. The chicken curry was cooked with Malay spices and potatoes and served with roti or rice - we had the roti. Oh wow - it was full of flavour and really good.

The crispy chicken was another extra just because it looked good. We were glad we had it too - with its crisp outer coating and tender meat inside.

The Malay Inn isn't fancy. It isn't fine dining - nor does it pretend to be. The Malay Inn does serve extremely good Malaysian hawker style food in massive quantities and at bargain basement prices.

If you want good quality and amazing value - then Malay Inn is the place to go!

Sir and Mlady's visit to the Malay Inn was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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