Cuckoo Callay
324B Newtown Railway Station
Newtown, Sydney

Cuckoo Callay are right at Newtown station. It's a small place which sprawls out onto the concourse.

They have made really good use of their indoor area with a huge mirror giving a surprisingly colourful illusion of additional space.

The mirrors and doorway inside have a spectacular circular light that actually loops through the doorway and a bold and bright cuckoo clock that peers out on both sides. This area is both memorable and practical adding extra light and perspective.

They do an all day breakfast here - well it's served until 3pm at least which is more than enough.

It is a cosy place only seating 52 but the way they have used their space, the mirrors and the outside area is excellent so you never feel cramped.

Although Cuckoo Callay is newish it has quickly developed a strong following and attracted quite a few regulars as well..

This is quite an achievement in Newtown where people are spoiled for choices.

Of course if you're a cafe you have to have good coffee - particularly in the cafe rich suburb of Newtown.

Fortunately they do!

Ours arrived hot and steaming but thankfully not overcooked. There was also no bitter aftertaste either.

As an aside, cute metal cups were used too for water.

I had the Gorgeous George.

The name attracted me and it had marinated avocado and fresh tomatoes on sourdough with goats curd, house made basil pesto and poached egg.

The dish had great colours and was deliciously appetising.

I was hungy and very satisfied as it was a huge serving.

Mlady ordered the Pumpkin Fritters. It was a huge pumpkin fritter, house cured salmon, poached egg, home made basil pesto and fresh heirloom tomatoes

The fritter was so light and fluffy and literally melted in her mouth.

As with every other dish here it was a generous serving with a good mix of colours and very fresh flavours which she loved and devoured.

Even though we were there for brunch we were persuaded to have dessert - although we didn't need a lot of convincing.

We had That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles - a gooey home made triple chocolate brownie served with ice cream, cream and crumbed biscuit.

It was a huge serving and a great brownie that was thick and rich.

Cuckoo Callay is a quirky, colourful and charming place that has great food in hefty quantities. You won't be disappointed or leave hungry. Service is quick and friendly - owners Ibby and Ella have created a lovely place here.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Cuckoo Callay. Special thanks to Ibby and Ella for inviting us. Thanks also to Andy their chef who has put together a great menu.

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