Gama Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant
1/1380 Pacific Highway
Turramurra, Sydney

Gama is upstairs facing onto the highway at Turramurra and it's sometimes a bit hard to see it here. Nevertheless it's worth visiting for great Korean BBQ - actually the best we've had in a long while.

Owner Hong has been exporting Aussie meat to Korea for decades and this certainly shows in the quality of the product he has available here - it's excellent.

The $33 all you can eat option here is worth doing. It's a good price for a lot of good food, especially for a family function. We were there for J's birthday.

There's a lot to choose from as well. The meats include pork, beef, chicken, squid and prawns, and many come in several varieties of cuts and marinades. There's something for everyone here. The idea here is to go and choose your meats and then take them back to your table to cook on the BBQ in the middle. The hotplates are decent here too. Some places have very open mesh grills with small pieces of meat that often fall through. Not here. The hotplates only have small slots and the meat is in large pieces although suitably thin to easily cook.

There are also sides to get as well. Some are vegetable options like the spicy but very tasty kimchi whilst others are pre-cooked like the tempura vegetables.

Gama is named after the pots used for Korean cooking - which come in a variety of sizes. Gama Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant has a similar variety - except it's eating options - and its good. We enjoyed it and would go back again.

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