Roti Canai Jalan Transfer
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

This place is a superstar in the world of roti. People travel here just for this delicacy. Roti Canai Jalan Transfer is the most popular place for it too. They do a roaring trade from early breakfast through to lunch time when it shuts down till the next day. If you want it, get here early. Be prepared for the crowds though. We arrived late, a short while after it had closed, but they kindly served us some of their great food anyway!

The roti is made freshly and they go through so much. It is light, flaky and totally delicious. We would have been happy with this alone!

With each serving you also get a curry. We had chicken and we were each served a maryland (thigh and drumstick) swimming in a rich gravy. It was so good sitting there under cover but within a few feet of the edge of the road, eating this great food. There are metal tables and bench seats to use and the food simply takes over everything. It's so cheap too - our servings of chicken and roti were only $3 Australian each. Amazing! As lovers of great roti, we'll be back here for sure on our next visit. This is street food at its best.