Rasa Delights
Shop 115, 62-80 Rowe St.
Eastwood, Sydney

Rasa Delights is a cosy place inside a shopping mall in Eastwood.

It has interesting pictures and knick knacks around the place and a real homey feel to it.

Its food is Asian with a strong emphasis on Malaysian and it has instant appeal drawing people inside.

The variety of dishes on offer is good as well and their take away trade is constantly busy too.

We started with a favourite of ours - curry beef and roti.

Its certainly a decent sized serving too. The beef curry arrives in a separate bowl. There are good sized chunks of tender beef and soft potatoes swimming in a rich curry sauce.

The flavours are lovely.

The roti is excellent. Having returned from Malaysia very recently we've certainly had our share of great roti - and this was delicious.

You actually get two roti's with the curry too. We were expecting one so we ordered extra. Oh well, more to eat!

Next was another curry - the Malaysian Curry Chicken.

It arrived at the table quaintly served in a saucepan on a board.

Again it was a lovely rich curry sauce with tender pieces of chicken and soft potatoes in it.

We also had a serving of coconut rice which went well and soaked up a lot of the curry.

We devoured it all and even mopped up the remaining sauce with the roti.

It turned out to be a great decision to order extra roti after all!

We finished our main meal with a serving of deep fried hainan rice balls. It's an interesting dish. The deep frying gives them a crisp outer layer revealing soft tender rice and chicken inside. It also comes with a side of mayonnaise to dip them in. It's a bit like arancini.

Even though we were very full by this stage of the meal, we had noticed a very unique dessert there.
Called Gal Den Zai it was a sheet of waffle like bubbles.These things were great. They come in traditional or chocolate. We had traditional and just kept breaking off the little bubbles of tasty pastry until they were all gone. Delish!

Rasa Delights isn't a big place.

It's also a bit tucked away inside a shopping mall - but it's worth taking the effort to find it.

The menu isn't extensive but the food they have is certainly good.

There roti is excellent and it's almost worth going there just for that!

Make sure you save a bit of room for their delicious "waffles" though.

Sir and Mlady's visit to Rasa Delights was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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