Nissos Beer Launch
Cyren Restaurant
Darling Harbour, Sydney

Nissos beer has officially launched in style in Sydney at the picturesque Cyren Restaurant which gazes out over the water of Darling Harbour.

Co-owner and Master Brewer Alexandros Kouris was in Sydney for the launch and spoke passionately about their tasty, citrusy drop. The audience lapped it up - both the speech and the plentiful and free-flowing beer.

Nissos means "island" in its native Greek and the "true to its heritage" flavour even flows through to the label being written in Greek. This beer is clearly proud of its origins.

Like any launch, food was in abundant supply. Cyren knows how to do this well and the Greek theme was again prominent. There was feta, seafood and other goodies on offer - including piles of oysters.

An extra special treat was the Nissos sorbet. We'd never tried anything like this before. It was totally refreshing and oh so moreish. It was a great sorbet and we had several servings.

Nissos is a boutique beer made on the island of Tinos in the Aegean Sea. It's only been in production for a short while and has already won awards - including a prestigious silver medal at the 2014 European Beer Competition in the Bohemian-style pilsener section.

The traditional plate smashing that followed Alexandros speech was another highlight. Bits of plate were scattered everywhere , but it great fun! We had a ball.

Sir and Mlady were there as guests for the media launch. Special thanks to Nissos Beer for a great night and Cyren for some really tasty food. Thanks also to Annalise and Sophia from Cavcon for arranging everything so professionally.

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