Malaysian Sliders

Ever met a slider you didn't like? Well we're a bit the same too. We love them.

The thought of combining Malaysian spices and flavours with some sliders seemed like a perfect match.

It was also extremely easy!

We decided to make four varieties - two with chicken and two with beef.

We bought some good quality chicken mince and combined some egg and a bit of flour. We then split the chicken into two parts and put some Yeo's Malaysian Curry sauce into one bowl and added some corn kernels. In the other chicken bowl we added some Karamel Masakan Cooking Caramel and finally a handful of green peas.

Then for the beef. Again we separated the meat into two parts. In the first we added Linghams Chilli Sauce and again some corn kernels. In the second batch we added Yeo's Rendang Sauce.

The next step was to cook the patties - again an easy exercise as they were small. Normally we'd BBQ them but this time the frypan was cranked out. We also dipped them in flour before cooking.

And this is what the finished products looked like. We ended up with eight delicious sliders, four of each,

We set them out on some platters and garnished them each in their own special way. They almost looked too pretty to eat - but we couldn't resist for long and dug in. They were great.

Sir and Mlady's Malaysian Desserts was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.