789 Botany Rd.
Rosebery, Sydney

Is it possible to get an indoor/outdoor beachy feel to a restaurant/bar in Rosebery? Well it is if its Clubhouse and it has the added bonus of being right downstairs from Surf Life Saving Australia headquarters!

They've nailed it for casual/chic and beachy/comfortable. Inside with a striking fire burning it's slightly more chic, which then flows effortlessly out onto the balconies that are more informal. Both areas work well and both are popular. Whilst there are subtle differences they also work well together.

Parking is easy too - there are plenty of side streets nearby. The place has a casual/chic feel in its decor and this also flows through into their food and drinks. It's a place you feel comfortable in and where it's pleasant to stay.

Dinner means drinks - that's a kind of no-brainer. Well fortunately there are plenty of options here.

Yes, there are of course plenty of wine, sparkles, cider and beer choices but there is also a great cocktail list which caught our eyes and just didn't let go!

Sir's rum predisposition again shone through loud and clear with his choice of "Rumbunctious" made from 17 Havana Club Especial rum, Frangelico, Bacardi 8yr rum, Coco Lopez cream of coconut and a double espresso, all shaken and poured into a stemless wine glass

Mlady had "Watermelody" made from 18 Corralejo blanco tequila, Aperol, fresh lemon juice, a dash of sugar syrup, watermelon chunks and passionfruit, al served straight up with watermelon ‘popsicles’.

Both were delish.

The swordfish hard shell tacos sounded ideal for our first starter of the night. These things turned out to be both cute and tasty.

The swordfish ceviche (raw swordfish just in case you weren't sure) was packed into the taco's with a celeriac remoulade, tomato and corn kernels.

It was both colourful and sweet and a great mix to have inside a crunchy shell.

Scallops - why do you continue to haunt us and make us keep ordering you - again and again and again!

These tasty devils were served as an entree and were pan seared. Each was nestled on a dollop of cauliflower puree, sprinkled with chorizo crumbs and a sherry reduction.

It was a lovely blend of flavours and textures that worked really well.

The crispy pork san choi bao was possibly the dish of the night. It was bright, vibrant, full of colour and texture and just so extremely tasty. What arrived was four lettuce cups sitting beside a generous bowl of crispy pork coated in a tangy delicious Asian marinade with some kick, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A bit of greenery for garnishing was also there. The assembly was our easy task - and then we devoured the finished results. It was a winning dish!

Sir isn't big on salads but even he liked this one.

The cauliflower salad came with pomegranate seeds (giving it all a nice crunch), rocket and a lovely tangy dressing. Using cauliflower was a nice touch - almost Middle Eastern a bit - and it was all extremely tasty.

The truffled polenta chips were next, sprinkled with Parmesan and with a nice aioli at the side for dipping. Loved them!

One of the specials of the day was the blue eyed cod - which is a lovely fish.

It was served with a stuffed pepper on top (which reminded us of our trip to Spain), baba ganoush and crispy basil leaves and a basil oil drizzle.

Wow - this was good. The fish lover - Mlady - ate most of this - with Sir only getting the odd taste here and there. Needless to say, we both loved it - hence the fight over it.

Anything showing on a menu as Clubhouse gaytime is sure to be a hit as we both love Golden Gaytime ice creams. This version didn't look anything like it but it sure tasted the same. It was toffee parfait with honeycomb and caramel sauce and of course ice cream. The second and more elegant dessert we tried was the lemongrass and ginger panna cotta topped with candied ginger and shortbread crumble. It was delicate, pretty and very tasty.

Clubhouse is a great mix of casual and chic - all in one. It's a pleasant place that draws you in, makes you feel welcome and where you just want to settle in and stay a while.

Most of the people there were clearly staying, but if you just want to drop in for a short visit it would still work just as well.

The food is also relaxed, playful, tasty and tangy. It can be shared or eaten individually - as evidenced by the tables around us.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Clubhouse. Special thanks to Gina and Al for looking after us. Big thanks to Claire McPherson from CMP Online Marketing for arranging our visit.

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