Australian Brewery
350 Annangrove Rd
Rouse Hill, Sydney

Despite its busy Annangrove Rd address the Australian Brewery is a bit tucked away down a long driveway but this hasn't stopped huge numbers of people finding it! It's a big place that provides a wide range of drinks including the tasty brews made there. However most people seem to go there for a meal as well.

We were invited there to have a guided tour of the brewery facilities, sample a few of there ales and grab a bite to eat.

There are so many different areas there. A large front area, a more intimate lounge bar area with live music and pizza, an inviting outside area with a pit fire to sit around and various other spaces. It's clearly very popular for groups but also great for families. They even had an 18+ area.

The brewery part of the premises is understandably off limits to the public, but the folks here have cleverly put a glass wall in so you can see through at all the shiny vats fermenting the different pilseners, ales and lagers. We went in and had the different stages and temperatures of the brewing process explained to us and how it was transferred from one vat to another. Extremely interesting. The brewing business here has grown significantly and they now send brews far and wide - even exporting to Japan.

We sampled a few drinks as well. Mlady had the dark lager, her preference, and it was extremely tasty with no bitter aftertaste.

I had the Pale Ale, also my beer of choice, and found it extremely good - and the next few were just as nice!!!

There are of course more options than just these two available but we stuck to our favourites.

Of course if your sipping a few brews in the lounge bar a few pizza's go oh so well. We started with a capsicum pizza which was freshly made in the oven in the same room! It arrived nicely presented on an elongated wooden board. It had a lovely thin crisp base and plenty of topping. The next pizza was a tasty pancetta one. Our final pizza was a Margherita - an old favourite of ours and an almost certain choice every time. All the pizza's were very tasty!

The Australian Brewery is a great all-rounder. They can handle big functions down to just a couple visiting. Take the time to visit - it's well worth it. Their brews are very tasty as well - so it's easy to see why they're expanding! Service was fast and friendly as well. 

Sir and Mlady were guests of the Australian Brewery. Special thanks to Andrew Beck, Mark and Andrew for taking the time to show us around and for looking after us on our visit. Thanks also to Jonas 'Roy' Tobias from Men at Work Comms for arranging our visit. 

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