Bacar Restaurant
Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park
Olympic Boulevard,
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney

Bacar is the sophisticated and stylish restaurant in the equally elegant Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park.

This 5 star hotel is located in the heart of the Sydney Olympic precinct and therefore so close to so many venues - there's so much to do around here!

The rooms here are simply magnificent - think quality furnishings, lovely decor and warm earthy tones, brilliant views out over the area, huge pillows, your own Nespresso in your room - the list goes on.

The comfort is evident straight away - the challenge is whether to actually leave your room to explore the many activities, venues and spaces that are right on your doorstep!

There are so many things to do here. Many stay here for shows and functions but it's rapidly becoming a holiday and mini-break destination too.

The Aquatic Centre gives you this massive pool complex next door. Then there's ANZ Staduim, the Heritage Precint, the Tennis Centre, The Sports Centre and of course a short stroll to the picturesque Bicentennial Park. You won't struggle for choices here!

Bacar Restaurant is their premier dining facility. There are plenty of options on their diverse menu so settle in and be prepared for a lovely food journey here.

Despite it's sophisticated bearings and Five Star hotel location, Bacar is not pretentious. You do know you're in a good restaurant and the staff make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Our first nibble for dinner was the arrival of a serving of nicely prepared house marinated olives.

This was paired with a choice of house baked rolls - olive or sweet onion. Both of these arrived warm and smelled and tasted great.

Throw in a serving of delicious Pepe Saya Cultured Butter and you're off to a great start to your evening!

We are finding it harder and harder to resist having a few oysters at the start of our meals lately - especially when they are presented in interesting and different ways.

Bacar serves their oysters two ways. Mlady wanted her oysters natural with lemon and I was very keen to try them served with wakame, soy pearls and trout roe.

Both were delicious!

My entree was quite understated with its description of octopus, chorizo, green olive and squid ink.

This simple description ended up revealing a beautiful dish with a series of contrasts that combined so well to create an entree that you just wanted to continue to enjoy even after you finished it.

I really enjoyed this!

Mlady was in the mood for seafood this evening so she chose the scallops, guava, Serrano, pomegranate and goats curd.

Again it was a combination that contrasted so well and yet combined to create a really lovely dish.

The scallops were perfectly cooked and plump and juicy and the sauce went so well with them.

My main course was the 350gm dry aged rib eye that was served with fondant potato, ale braised ox tail, mushroom, candied onions and jus.

This was a hefty piece of meat that was cooked perfectly to order - medium rare. The meat was very tender and full of flavour. The added surprise were the sides - they were great.

I'm a meat eater and would gladly have this dish over and over!
Mlady had the poached trout, finger fennel, yoghurt and pea. Again the simple descriptions lead to dishes that go well beyond what you may expect.

This was a work of art. The presentation was wonderfully appetising with vibrant colours.

It also had one of the most impressive pieces of crispy skin she had ever seen - which she loved! It had been separated from the fish and served at the side - and it was soooo crisp!

We had chosen two sides. The first was duck fat roasted kipfler potatoes with pancetta and manuka honey. Wow. These were crisp, sweet, savoury - it all went so well together and tasted so good. Our other side was mesclun salad with alto olives, heirloom tomatoes and a Merlot dressing. It was a sweet and tangy salad that tasted great. 

Dessert - the final frontier! What to choose - the dilemma I was facing!

Eventually I came to rest on the brownie deconstructed with sorbet, aero, peanut butter and sesame.

Oh yum - this was simply heaven! So sweet yet so good. The nob of banana with a toffee lid on it was another nice touch!

Mlady had the trio of sorbets. They arrived on a bed of popping chocolate.

The flavours were mango, raspberry and apple, elegantly presented on a glass plate.

She found all three extremely refreshing and full of flavour.

The views here are spectacular.

After our dinner were adjourned to our room and sat looking out over Sydney.

Nighttime views are always so romantic with the colours of the sky changing and the lights of the city and suburbs sparkling away.

ANZ Stadium was also lit up creating a lovely foreground - as was the Aquatic Centre.

The next day we were still a bit full from dinner but that wasn't going to stop us having breakfast - especially once we saw what was there! The chef cooks your eggs to order - you name it he'll cook it. You can also watch this happening if you like to supervise!

There's a rustic country feel to the breakfast buffet - and the food options are impressive. It has all the main choices you would expect and more!

We were both trying to decide whether to stick to sweet or savoury for breakfast - well at least I was.

Mlady was far more controlled whereas I decided to have it all - and thoroughly enjoyed it all as well.

My hot food was delish with a bit of everything on the plate and the sweet treats I had afterwards were just as good.

The Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park lives up to its five star rating. It's in the heart of so many great sporting attractions and venues.

It's a great weekend away without having to leave Sydney!

The lovely Bacar Restaurant is an added bonus with generous servings of very tasty food and excellent service. 

Sir and Mlady were guests of Pullman Sydney Olympic Park. Thanks to Nan and Michaela in Bacar in the evening, Matt who mixed us some very tasty concoctions to drink, Tuhin and Ashley in Bacar at breakfast and to Sylvia. Special thanks to David Lowe for inviting us to experience The Pullman and Bacar.

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