I'm Angus Steakhouse
The Promenade,
Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

This great steakhouse is in a prime location right on the edge of Cockle Bay.

You get million dollar views out over Darling Harbour watching the boats going to and fro, and as the sun sets it gets even better as the night lights sparkle and shine across the water. It's just such a beautiful place to be watching the world go by.

I'm Angus is a steakhouse and so naturally this is their prime focus. However there's certainly plenty of other dishes available if you don't feel like a tender juicy steak. In fact they have something for everyone with plenty of seafood, salads and other tasty treats. Just make sure you save room for dessert too - there are some lovely sweet treats to finish your meal with!

While we were trying to choose our meals we decided to grab some honey chilli cheese bread to nibble.

It sounded nice and tasty on the menu and we were told it's a popular starter while people deliberate - like we were.

It tasted great - and yes you could taste all the flavours in this combination bread!

Mlady had the Queensland scallops as her entree. They came served with sweet corn puree and arancini which sounded like an interesting and appealing combination. She loves scallops and she loves arancini so this was sheer bliss for her as she got the best of both entree worlds on the one plate! The scallops were beautiful and the arancini was nice and moist inside and had plenty of flavour.

My starter was the tempura soft shell crab that came served with chipotle mayonnaise.

I love a good soft shell crab and this one was perfect. There was plenty of it on the plate too - they don't skimp here!

The crab was nice and crisp on the outside and packed with flavour, and the chipotle mayonnaise gave it all a lovely flavoursome kick. Yum.

In a steakhouse you really do need to make sure someone tries a steak - and I was only to eager to be that person! I chose the Shiro Kin full blood sirloin - it was recommended as one of the best - but then a few others were also recommended too. With a marbling score of 6+ my mouth was already watering and it melted in my mouth when I ate it. It had lovely flavours too and was perfectly cooked!
We paired this with a lovely Smith and Hooper Merlot from Wrattonbully in Victoria.

Mlady decided to try something different to sample the other options. She loves a good pie so "The Famous I’m Angus Beef & Mushroom Pie" grabbed her attention pretty quickly, particularly as it was described as 15 hour cooked prime beef with wild mushrooms and a rich stout gravy topped with puff pastry. It looked impressive and she devoured it.

We also had an iceberg and avocado salad with ranch dressing which was delish too!

I was surprised that Mlady didn't choose the creme brulee - she often does - but that only made it easier for me to have it!

The white chocolate and hazelnut creme brulee came served with hazelnut biscotti and a garnish of fresh strawberries.

It was rich, creamy, smooth and indulgently delicious from start to finish!

Mlady had the warm Belgium chocolate treat served with vanilla ice cream. It was beautifully presented and a total work of art. Fortunately it also tasted as good as it looked with rich chocolatey flavours blending together so well. It was just what the chocoholic wanted! We paired our desserts with two glasses of lovely Grand Commandaria. I was delighted to find a restaurant that served this Portuguese treat - I have a very old vintage version of this at home so it was great to see it on a menu!

I'm Angus Steakhouse is simply wonderful. You get to eat absolutely delicious steaks - and the other dishes are just as good - in such a lovely setting gazing out over the beautiful Darling Harbour.
Service is quick, friendly and helpful - they know the food so if you're stuck just ask!

This is a popular place for very good reasons and well worth visiting for a great meal.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of I'm Angus and Nicks Restaurant Group. Thanks to Leka and Jaiy for looking after us so well and for their excellent recommendations. Special thanks also to Flick Perkov from Sweaty Betty PR for arranging our visit.

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