Three Williams
613a Elizabeth St
Redfern, Sydney

Three Williams is one of the new Sydney hotspots for breakfast and lunch - and after eating there for a blogger tasting it's easy to see why!

Head Chef Tim Bryan (ex Aria) has put together a great menu that has something for everyone and plenty of wow factor as well.

It has a very open airy spacious feel to the place. They clearly could have fitted more tables in but have decided to keep it roomy and limit it to 100 seats which is noticeable and certainly appreciated. The stairs and ramp make it wheelchair and pram friendly too.

Access is easy too. There's heaps of on street parking outside - it certainly wasn't a battle to find a spot!

We were to sample the menu and the first dish to arrive was "the merchant". This is not your standard bacon and egg roll.

It was a chilli fried egg that came with crispy bacon, pickled slaw and ranch dressing on a lovely warm brioche bun.

It tasted great with the chilli and slaw adding some zing and tang to the dish and the brioche offsetting it all nicely.

One of the signature treats at Three Williams are the croquettes. Unlike many these were fish croquettes which came with lemon and aioli.

These were beautifully presented as a six pack in a cardboard egg carton - but they can be ordered individually.

They were crisp, tasty and so good that we just had to have a few each!

Home made baked beans can sometimes be a bit hit or miss - but these ones were certainly a hit! They were described on the menu as spicy smashed beans with avocado on charred toast with two poached eggs. This is the breakfast of champions - beans, greens and beautifully eggs with a side of fresh lime to squeeze over the top. Just lovely.

The coffee here is really great too - certainly not like some places where the coffee tastes like a soggy tea towel left out in the rain!

Any breakfast dish that involves brioche French toast is probably going to attract attention for all the right reasons.

The variation at Three Williams goes much further than this.

It is crunchy brioche French toast topped with blueberries, yoghurt, roasted pecans and maple syrup. It was absolutely delicious.

Three Williams are known for their narnies. So what are they? They are  their signature house-made naan style flat bread which comes with different fillings.

We started with the variation that had glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayo.

It looked great and tasted great as well. The nicely cooked beef went so well with the tangy slaw, gherkins and spicy mayonnaise.

The beer battered chips with house aioli were a real winner. These were killer chips and they disappeared so quickly. They kept coming and we kept devouring them.

Another real treat was the pineapple and mint soda. This was very nice - so refreshing and so perfect for either breakfast or lunch. The flavours were great and we really enjoyed it. It would be a must order for us on a return visit.

Our second narnie was the signature house-made naan style flat bread with grilled prawns, avocado, sweet corn and tomato salsa with aioli. Again the combinations worked so well.

The final narnie we had was filled with fried tempeh (a bit like tofu), Asian-style pickled veg, sriracha (a spicy sauce) and lime mayo.

It's so easy to see why the narnies are so popular here - they all tasted great.

Not surprisingly, there are some really interesting salad combinations here too using some great mixes of ingredients.

We had the caramelised cauliflower tabouli with quinoa, walnuts and preserved lemon.

It was a lovely combination of flavours and textures that was a real winner. Mlady devoured it and even I loved it too!

We were very full by now as multiple plates of each dish kept arriving at the table. However the arrival of several platters of beetroot coloured glazed donuts and chocolate brownies brought out the inner kids in everyone with loud gasps heard up and down the table.

I'm a doughnut fan so I enjoyed these treats that tasted good, but the delicious chocolate brownies were the winners here even for me!

Three Williams is attracting plenty of attention - and having now eaten there it's easy to see why. Service was good, the place has a nice spacious airy feel to it and the food is delicious with plenty of variations providing something for everyone! We'd certainly eagerly go back again!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Three Williams. Special thanks to George Redmond and Alana Garton of Wasamedia for arranging everything.

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