One Six Eight Restaurant
168 Kent St
Millers Point, Sydney CBD

One Six Eight is the new and exciting venture of Leigh McDivitt - formerly head chef at the well known 3 Weeds.

The restaurant has a nice feel to it. It oozes understated charm and simplistic elegance.

Front of house is very capably managed by the lovely Amanda De Carlo who is also engaged to Leigh making this a family venture.

The class here spills over into every aspect of the restaurant - its decor, service, food and growing wine list.

However with all this it's still the innovative flair of the food here that lingers with you the most!

We started our culinary journey for the evening with a lovely amuse bouche of kingfish ceviche with lime chilli dressing and horseradish ice cream. It was fresh and crisp and delicate all in one with great contrasts.

We also had lovely house made sourdough rolls with Glenfiddich scotch in them.

They came with house churned butter as well, continuing the in-house theme.

My entree was the seared scallops with torched prawn, nam pla jam and pork dust.

It looked amazing and the flavour combination was just as impressive.

The torched prawns had a slight bbq'd taste to them which was nicely balanced by the nam pla jam (a jam made with fish sauce that had a kick to it) and pork dust.

Mlady decided on the confit of king salmon as her starter. It came with sweet corn consommé, grapefruit jelly and avocado puree. Again there was a wow factor in the presentation of the dish with a sea of colour and textures.

This was matched with the beautiful flavours that the dish also held. The crispy salmon skin on top was like salmon crackling - crisp, crunchy and oh so tasty.

My main course was so difficult to choose from many great options but I eventually picked the beer braised short rib with 3 Sheets Pale Ale gel, citrus salted lollipop and pencil leeks. The beef was beautifully cooked and combined perfectly with the pale ale gel. The lollipop was so unique - a bone with a citrus salted top - quirky and delicious.

A side of the great duck fat roasted kipfler potatoes topped this off perfectly.

Mlady opted for a main course of chicken ballotine which came stuffed with pine nuts and tarragon and was accompanied with potato celeriac galette and leek veloute.

It was another nicely presented dish with a great combination of flavours and textures.

A side serving of heirloom tomato salad with anchovy chilli dressing was crisp and tangy and went so well.

Our dessert was amazing. It was a complex playful blend of flavours, tastes, textures and syringes - yes syringes!

The chef’s dessert plate for 2 is very accurately described in the menu as a playground of chef’s delight. Doughnuts with syringes of jam, curd, sauces, candied tarragon, candied pistachios, marshmallow, honeycomb, chocolate, raspberry sorbet and ice cream. It had it all, it was unique and it was delicious. Thoroughly recommended!

One Six Eight restaurant is an experience that food lovers must try. It's a culinary adventure that teases and tantalises the palate and delights all your senses. The decor is understated elegance and the service is friendly and impeccable.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of One Six Eight. Special thanks to Bhavesh Patel for arranging our visit and to Leigh McDivitt and Amanda De Carlo for hosting us. Thanks also to Chris and Jodie for looking after us on the night.

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