The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room
225 George St
Sydney CBD

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room is comfortable and cosy despite it actually being quite a large place. It has a nice open modern inside/outside feel to it.

It is well known for its oysters with several different varieties always available and the choices vary from day to day.

We went there with the clear intention of trying the oysters but the other dishes looked so good we got caught up in the moment.

The food is very fresh, lively and vibrant in colour and flavour and the presentation is a highlight.

You can have tasty bar nibbles and drinks or settle in for a full meal - they cater for all options here.

The Morrison is a restaurant and a bar. With this in mind we decided to hit the bar - so to speak!

As a rum lover I started with a mojito - described as a Cuban delight with Bacardi superior rum, lime, mint and sugar.

It arrived in a tall glass on ice with a mint sprig garnish and tasted great. It was a very crisp and refreshing drink.

Mlady loves Sangria so as soon as she saw The Morrison Sangria was available the rest of the many choices available just faded away. It was made with Appleton vx rum, red wine, strawberries, oranges and apples and lemonade.

She said this was a lovely Sangria - with plenty of flavour and a nice fruity kick to it.

So the big challenge for us both was what to have first - or where to start!

The crab and lettuce tacos sounded so fresh and appealing.

They came beautifully presented on an ice covered platter which was on a raised stand.

The lettuce was nicely crisp and the crab filling was sweet and light.

The tacos were dressed with chardonnay vinaigrette, salmon caviar and fresh chilli.

The whole combination here was so refreshing but at the same time it had a kick as well.

We then moved on to a delicious serving of Sean's chicken lollipops. These were great!

They were southern fried chicken on the end of the bone - almost like lollipops - with chilli and molasses dip.

The meat was tender and there was plenty of it but the chilli and molasses dip was amazing. This stuff is to die for - great flavours and punch - so rich and full and delicious!

Then we moved on to our third starter - yes we were indulging a bit here! We couldn't resist the gravalax of ocean trout - well I couldn't! The trout had been raspberry and white pepper cured and thinly sliced and arrived served on avocado and cos leaf lettuce. The whole dish was dressed with chardonnay vinaigrette. This was again an extremely crisp and fresh dish that was colourfully presented and surprisingly filling.

This is a good dish to share.

The Morrison is also known for its lovely communal dishes of fish, lamb and pork - servings are in substantial quantities and ideal for sharing. Even though Mlady was going to have seafood, the meat dishes sounded so good I grabbed the grain fed sirloin on the bone (450gm) with Paris butter. What arrived was a lovely cut of meat perfectly cooked with a generous dollop of Paris butter on top that slowly melted as I ate my meal. I had a side serving of the duck fat chips as well! Heaven!

Mlady chose the duck fat fish and chips served with crushed peas and mint with gherkin mayo. Duck fat is a wonderful way to cook chips and batter - in fact plenty of people seemed to be ordering a side serving of the duck fat cooked chips - it seems these are a speciality here! The meal arrived nicely presented with two pieces of fish on top of a bed of vibrant mash and a long conical cup of crisp and tasty chips. The tangy gherkin mayo went perfectly with the fish and chips!

It was at this stage of the meal that the call for another cocktail was heard!

I listened to this and ordered a Holy Smoke - not just because it was another rum based drink, but that was certainly one factor in my choice!

The Holy Smoke was described as a sensory overload and consisted of Bacardi 8yr rum infused with salted nuts and charged with The Morrison’s smoked Cola.

The nut infused rum had a lovely taste and the smoked cola gave the whole drink a really unique flavour.

After infusing the nuts in rum they are removed, candied and put in a spoon as a side serving to the cocktail. They tasted great as well.

Of course a lovely meal needs a sweet ending. We decided to share two desserts between us.

First choice was the lemon raspberry cheesecake deconstructed - and it certainly was deconstructed but had all the flavours you would expect and want.

A generous topping of freeze dried berries added a gentle crunch to this light and tangy dish that dissolved in your mouth.

Our second choice was the twisted lammington which easily caught our eye.

At first it was its catchy name that drew us to this dessert but then it bacame our order of choice once we read what was in it!

It consisted of coconut sorbet, strawberry jelly and chocolate crumble - again continuing the deconstruction theme for desserts - all combined in a glass bowl.

Mlady described this as yum yum yum.

The whole dish had a great mix of textures and variety in the flavours and colours.

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room is a bar, an oyster room and a lovely restaurant. The food was very fresh, tasty and beautifully presented.

There is something for every palate here and the drinks are also great. Service and decor don't disappoint either!

Its in a place where a lot of people walk by - but it's well worth dropping in!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Morrison. Special thanks to Jessica Doolan - Marketing Manager at The Morrison - for arranging our visit. Thanks also to Rebecca for looking after us on the night.

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