El Loco at The Slip Inn
111 Sussex St

Yes El Loco is now ALSO at the Slip Inn - for good. The place is lively, fun, casual and has the great El Loco food and drinks. Its deceptive too. From the street the Slip Inn looks quite calm and serene yet out the back El Loco is such a contrast - in a good way.

The whole back courtyard area has become Mexican. The bright tables and chairs, decorations and coloured lights, murals and gigantic flower pots give a fiesta feel.

The buzz here is great. We were at El Loco as part of a bloggers dinner.

Of course, apart from the food, the drinks are adventurous and fun. We tried quite a few too! The classic Margarita with Espolon Blanco Tequila, Cointreau shaken with freshly pressed lime juice, organic sugar and Murray River pink salt looked and tasted great - and went so well with the food. It was a favourite of mine. Mlady on the other hand liked the Jalapeno Margarita because it had a bit more kick to it. It had Espolon Reposada Tequila, Cointreau, homemade jalapeño syrup, freshly pressed lime juice, wash of Illegal Mescal and sugared dehydrated jalapeños

Then the food started to arrive. So many flavours and combinations. All tacos automatically include cabbage, coriander, spring onions, salsa verde and pico de gallo and the wrapping can either be a lettuce leaf or a  tortilla - your call. We started with Carne Asada (beef) which also had salsa verde (green salsa) and queso fresca (a Mexican cheese) - delicious. Then we moved on to the Pollo (chicken) with sweet corn salsa - which was very tasty too! Next was the Baja Fish with chipotle mayo and that delicious salsa verde again - it's a killer. Finally we tried the mystery taco. The idea here is that it's a mystery when you order it and after you have eaten it too - they don't tell you what's in it! How adventurous are you? Our suggestion is - be brave and give it a go! This one was so tender it melted in the mouth. I managed to find out much later that it was tongue - but other fillings in recent weeks have been liver, kidney and even pigs testicles - not good for the pig! Squeal!

You must have the hot dogs here too. It's a new twist to the chilli dog name. It's a specialty of Dan Hong's and people come here sometimes just for these tasty treats! The "El Loco Hot Dog" starts with a House-made frank, pico de gallo, mustard relish, jalapenos, mayo queso fresca all on a super soft hot dog bun. It's amazing!

The quesadilla was a special of the day - and special it was! It's a Mexican toasted sandwich - and more. I think from memory this one had chorizo in it - which is always a winner.

Its hard not to order some corn chips when eating Mexican. These came with guacamole and salsa to dip them in. It was all so good.  

You've also got to try the chipotle fries - they even come with chipotle mayo and you can't have to much chipotle when eating Mexican food! It's always great and this is another one of those fantastic sharing dishes while having a drink or as an entree before your main course.

The salads here are also both unique and full of flavour. The cevice was quite tangy - as it's meant to be. It came with a lovely green salad and the raw black kingfish "cooks" in the lime juice. It's a strong flavour - which I love a bit more than Mlady does. The corn salad was unique with so many different textures. It came with shredded lettuce, corn and popcorn with a mayo dressing drizzled across it. It's unusual but so good!

Mains are varied. The torta's (Mexican burger) are great. I had the pork torta with Al Pastor pork, cabbage salad, pico de gallo, mayo on a soft hamburger bun. The pork was heaped on it and although in small pieces it was super tender. The small pieces actually made it easier to eat too. Maldy had the fish torta and said it had amazing flavours. This had grilled whitefish, cabbage salad, pico de gallo, mayo on that amazingly soft bun again. The torta's are huge too - they don't skimp here!

Anything doughnut related always has my attention and churros are no exception. The thick gooey caramel dipping sauce was the perfect side to these tasty sticks of deliciousness. These are on my must eat list!

El Loco at the Slip Inn is a great spot for a relaxing drink and tasty meal. You can share and snack - or go for a full meal - and it's great value as well! 

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Merrivale and El Loco arranged by Sophie and Rachel of Sally Burleigh Public Relations. Special thanks also to Lewis and Rebecca of Merrivale.


The Toilet Doors - Unique as well!!

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