Chinta Ria - Temple of Love
201 Sussex St - Cockle Bay

Chinta Ria is an old favourite of ours. Its surprisingly not as highly known as some other Malaysian restaurants in the city - but it should be.

Its an interesting place with quirky tables and chairs, good service and great food. It has a lovely decor as well that makes the whole dining experience enjoyable.
We started with a serving of Ella’s wrap. They are described in the menu as a couple of plump prawns stuffed with minced prawns, herbs and vegetables sealed in a fine pastry and snap fried.They were delicious and looked and tasted as they were described. The pastry was so crisp and light and the prawn filling was juicy and tender. They came in a serving of two for $9.00.

Our first main course was half a duck with bak choy and soy sauce. The duck was so crisp on the outside and the meat was so tender inside. This was a great dish although I feel that oyster sauce on the bak choy may have made it even better. At a mere $22.00 for this huge serving it was great value as well.

The rice was light and fluffy - and a single serving turned out to be ample between two - especially as we had only ordered one curry dish.

The highlight for Sir was the roti. I've mentioned the roti at Chinta Ria before - but here we go again. This is the best roti I've had - anywhere!

I know people rave about nearby places but this kills them all -  by far! It is so light, flaky and tasty.

We had a double serving which was ample but I could eat a meal of this on its own - practically.  At $4.90 a serve its not dirt cheap but once you taste it you'll agree its a bargain.
Main course number two was beef rendang. Mlady raves about this dish - which I have to admit is delicious. The beef is so tender and the sauce is so tasty.

The description in the menu is  slow cooked beef chunks in curry paste and coconut milk. It's all this and more.

There's plenty of meat and ample curry. Its also great to use the roti to mop up the extra curry at the end.

At $24.00 its also great value for a great meal.

Chinta Ria is a great place for great Malaysian food. It's a winner on every level.

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