The Hub Cafe and Restaurant
Castle Hill, Royal Mile

Its an amazing building to start with. It attracts everyones attention. So imposing.

Its an arts and festival centre as well as a cafe/restaurant. We were looking for a late lunch/afternoon snack so it wasn't the arts side of things we were seeking.

However just along the entrance corridor and off to the left is the cafe. It's actually quite large in size and can hold plenty of people.

Being a Devonshire tea fan is always dangerous. Its probably not the healthiest snack - but it is a good one. The offering here was decent - nice scone, good jam and freshly whipped cream - all a good combination. It certainly disappeared quickly and a coffee topped it off nicely.  

Mlady chose a slightly more substantial snack - and healthier as well - being soup and a roll. This was also well received and welcome on a cold day. It was a tomato soup and came hot and fresh.

The whole lot cost just over 10 pounds. Not bad value for decent food. The place has some charm as well - particularly in the other areas which are quite spectacular.

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